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At school, they're determined that we must talk Swedish with people who we don't know, which is a fair point. The chosen method of making this happen is to have us write questions to go and ask the party representatives who're hanging out in booths in the centre of town right now and trying to convince people to vote for them. We're doing this next Thursday, apparently.

I don't suppose "why are you such bastards?" is quite the sort of question they have in mind, is it.

...oh well.

Actually, though, I am having the most terrible difficulty with the question-writing side of things, because my mind wants to make it into some kind of complex political assignment as opposed to a test of our ability to ask a simple question to a stranger and hopefully understand the answer. Somehow it feels as though this right here sums up many of the problems I tend to experience with education.

And life.

Non-election news: my brain is a slightly terrible place right now; I'm reading a book by a Swedish author called Birgitta Stenberg and would share her gleefully with all of you if her books existed in English; yesterday I used hair-clippers for the first time and everyone involved still has the same number of limbs etc. that they started with; putting pressure on myself while I know damn well I'm sick doesn't go well and only I am surprised by this.
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