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There are courses here for writing. They are not university courses, but some of them are apparently pretty good. Val spent this morning looking into this because she thought it looked as though it'd be good for me, and discovered that one can get money from the government to attend them which doesn't count against your allowance for university education, that they can be residential or not as you like, that the cost of being resident is not always very high (in fact in the cases we looked at it was surprisingly low), that they in a number of cases more focused on studying literature and then providing space to write and providing space for discussion than they are about Teaching How To Write.

I really never thought I'd be likely to even try and go on a course for writing-related things, or to a writing workshop, or anything, actually, because I'm a bit solitary and grouchy and am wary of these things. But it sounds within the realm of possibility, one of these days - mostly if I feel like I need a writing-related kick in the arse at some time when I'm actually fluent enough to do discussions in Swedish.

(Also on an education note, and not unrelated to the previous point, Stockholm university offers a course that takes one's Swedish up to academic level, which I'll almost certainly be taking when I'm done with SFI. And then I can go and become a librarian or get hold of something to push me to try harder with writing or, I don't know, study gender or history or queer theory or all of them or whatever I want, because the funding system is completely comprehensible and also? No tuition fees.)


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