Aug. 29th, 2010

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So it's autumn, which I have to say I'm appreciating a lot right now! (Ask me again in October.) The worst thing about early autumn is that the terrible disgusting fruit flies haven't died off for the winter yet. This is pretty much weight out by the best things about early autumn, though, which are:

1. dark enough nights to sleep but enough light during the day to function

2. cooler weather; ditto the enough to sleep/not far enough down the line to get in the way

3. Mushrooms. Mostly chanterelles.*

I guess it you want to do it properly and in accordance with almost creepily wholesome stereotypes you're meant to go and pick them yourself, but we haven't had time and if you don't know a place for sure it's a pretty hit-and-miss exercise. Instead you can buy them from market stalls all over the place. I was in Stockholm yesterday to meet a friend** and stopped by Hötorget, where twenty stall-holders will try to get your attention & possibly forcefully sell you mushrooms (extremely representative photo provided by the power of google). I guess there are worse fates, though that aspect is always a bit intimidating. But I escaped with a big bag of mushrooms and some money left and have just had mushroom risotto for dinner and you guys, autumn. Yeah. I think we shall be friends.

At least until the light leaves completely.

* a word I can spell without thinking about in Swedish but just had to look up in English.

** from my home area, who has also moved to Sweden this year... given that he informed me that other people we knew in junior school there are variously in Australia, China and Mozambique I suspect some kind of general urge to get as far away from said area as possible. sorry home. you are kind of crap, though.
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Actually, I'm on my way to bed, but I just have to leave this here. Dear Swedish-speakers in the audience, I present to you my favourite song this five minutes, written and performed by Maud Lindström, love-critical bisexual feminist singer, writer and poet:

Fröken Normal - Maud Lindström

You're welcome.

(Well, non-Swedish-speakers are welcome as well, but seeing as I love it pretty much completely for the lyrics, you know...)


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