Aug. 30th, 2010

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Today we began with the politics thing. The extremely erratic discussion ended with a guy from Congo defending Sverigedemokraterna, aka the Thieving Immigrant Bastards Go Home party, while the teacher stared in some kind of fascinated disbelief.

Then we had adverb practice! We were divided into two groups - men and women. "Write down adverbs that describe what you would like in a partner! In groups!" said the teacher hopefully. "So what would your ideal husband be like?" I was asked. "A lesbian," I said, rather sulkily, I admit, because this is a point I have now been trying to make for some time. Apparently a hilarious joke! Ha ha how she kids us. Like any nice girl would actually be with a woman! Ha ha. So anyway, they got on with a list while I wished for tea (preferably with booze in, by that stage); they would like their husbands to be rich, strong, brave, manly, handsome, etc. Then we switched lists to see what the two different groups had written! Do you want to guess what the first two things on the list the guys had written were? Do you?

"Modest" and "patient".

It continued in much the same vein. "Shy" and "young" also made appearances.

Now I am home, and still feeling vaguely traumatised. Can I please have that tea with booze in? Or maybe just booze?


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