Oct. 11th, 2011

marshtide: (Katherine Hepburn - Sylvia Scarlett)
1. Nobel peace prize, OH YEAH.

2. My kommun (district, local governmental area) wants to know my opinion of their general everything! *sweet smile* I have just filled in the v. long form and dutifully crossed all the relevant boxes but really, I could just as well have written YOU SUCK. YOU ALL SUCK AND I HATE YOU. in gigantic letters. But that would of course not have been, uhm, productive.

It would, however, have been theraputic.

I considered writing them a little personal note telling them exactly what I think of their fucking obsession with The Road over and above all the actual terrible problems this kommun has, and also "the kommun's provision for environmentally friendly living choices" HAHAHAHAHA. But it's Norrtälje kommun. Can I really be bothered? :(

O kommun politicians, how I hate you all. ♥

3. Writing a report based on an interview I did over the weekend for university. It will be 5 or 6 pages long with photos and... stuff. It's basically the big final project for the term, so we're going to be working on it for the next couple of months and also presenting it in the spoken Swedish course when we're done. WHY IS MY SWEDISH STILL SO CLUNKY. WHY OH WHY. I know what beautiful Swedish looks like but cannot reproduce it. Oh well, we get to do a lot of rounds of discussion and revision. I'm sure it'll be fine.

(This course. I'm having really a lot of fun with it, but that comes with a whole pile of nerves and second-guessing. Am I doing OK/do people like me/do I talk too much/oh man I have to stand up and talk and my hands won't stop shaking/etc etc. It's a nuisance. I can feel pretty confident in some respects and then just crash and have absolutely no belief in my abilities suddenly, for no apparent reason. Fun times! I have what one would call in Swedish a "duktighetskomplex". Basically I MUST BE GOOD AT THINGS MY WORTH DEPENDS ON MY BEING GOOD AT THINGS. Be A Good Girl & all that. Oh so much bullshit.)

4. A volunteering possibility that I want has come up. Must write letter in Swedish. Aaaaaaah.


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