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Here! A HEAP of photos. Mostly flowers. One cat.

[image: tabby and white cat lying behind a clump of grass, sun]

[image: two purple clematis flowers, wide open, lit from behind, subdued colours]

[image: purple clematis flower, lit from behind by bright sun]

[image: purple clematis flower from below, half-cloudy sky and lense-flare from the sun]

[image: purple clematis flower close-up, indistinct bright background]

[image: plant with pink flowers in bud against an old white fence, subdued light]

[image: petals from a red tulip lying on soil]

[image: petals from a pink tulip lying on soil. It's been a windy few days.]

[image: red-and-cream tulip, closeup from above]

[image: lilac flowers close-up. I was actually going to put this post up yesterday...]

[image: white lilac flowers against a bright half-cloudy sky. Sun.]

[image: purple lilac flowers against the stem of an older white lilac bush]

[image: close-up of white lilac flowers against a bright half-cloudy sky. Sun.]

[image: three pink heart-shaped flowers, brightly lit against a shadowy background]

[image: young rhubarb leaf from above, shocking green]

[image: close-up of a grubby white fence post, indistinct bushes behind it.]

[image: deep red flowers on a tree. they're fading. bright sun.]

[image: same type of flower but fresher, more of a deep red-pink colour. focus on the branch they're hanging from.]

[image: deep red-pink flowers, slightly more shady shot.]

[image: single example of the same kind of flower in close-up, looking very pink]

[image: deep pink-red flowers, suggestion of branches and leaves in the background]

[image: a row of short wooden posts, sand around them, a few young grass shoots making a go at breaking through. Bright.]

Date: 2011-05-26 06:47 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] eggcrack
Pretty kitty, pretty photos. I love how bright these are.


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