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In happier news, my results for the Swedish course I took last term:

Spoken & listening comprehension: A
Grammar: B
Written & reading comprehension: B
Realia (= Swedish history and culture mostly): pass (no grade given for this bit, just pass/fail, but he wrote several + symbols after "pass" on my final paper, so I'll take that as a hell yes.)

I am especially shocked and amazed about the A, since they spent all term telling us that People Don't Get As On This Course, since it is judged more or less as though one were a college-level (err, that is to say, something like age 15-19) Swedish person.

Basically I am awesome? :D

One term left and then I can study regular Swedish courses as much as I want! :D
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You are SO awesome!!!


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Congrats! =D
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Congrats! :D That's great!
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You are awesome! :D
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Wow, nice work!