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Apr. 24th, 2015 08:47 pm
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Three days, two overlapping conferences, at one of which I was keynoting, all very good (though I think three papers that all turned out to be surpriz Le Corbusier, which was not deducable from the titles, was possibly on the excessive side.)

Let's bop!

Sugar pies honey bunch, can't help myself )

Ain't too proud to beg )

That we should Hitchhike )

Over to Funky Funky Broadway )

Going to a Go-Go )

To Twist and Shout )

But, really, There's no no twisting like a slow slow twisting )

Collective wisdom

Apr. 24th, 2015 12:44 pm
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Someone in my circle asked me if I know of any material about Kabbalah by / for women. And I really really don't, but I bet I know people who do; any offers?

why I'm not much help )

People who have no idea what I'm babbling on about, or indeed people who happen to be knowledgeable about two widely contrasting areas: can anyone help bring me up to speed on My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic? I'm making friends with two small children who are hugely into the series and I could do with a primer, enough to be able to talk to them usefully or at least understand the stories they very earnestly tell me.

I may just have to sit and watch some episodes, but I'm not inclined to consume the whole thing; any eps you'd recommend to give me a good sense for how the 'verse works? I mean, these kids are better at abstract thought than my informants when I was trying to get a sense of Power Rangers fandom in the 90s (in order to include them in the script of the panto I was commissioned to write), but even they tend to get a little bogged down in detail when I ask for explanations. Apparently I'm a bit like Pinkie Pie, but that might just be the extrovert thing.

I do find it a little disturbing how the pastel coloured but still basically ponies of my childhood are a lot more like sexy young women in the reboot. The huge eyes, the very thin long-legged body types which seem to allude to conventionally attractive post-pubescent women. And the way they so often stand on hind legs and use their forelegs as hands, in many of the glimpses I've seen of the animation, kind of grosses me out a little. However being prudish about this kind of thing isn't going to help, I'd much rather be positive about getting a sense of other people's fandom.

Daily Happiness

Apr. 24th, 2015 12:12 am
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1. I finally made the tenpura today and it was so delicious! I really would love to have it more often, but it's just such a pain to make... I made a lot and it took about an hour to cook it all, all of which was time spent entirely there at the stove. Definitely a dish I only want to make on days off, but it is worth it!

2. Well, we didn't get a definitive answer from the vet, but we did get some antibiotics to try out and see if that helps her gums. I hope so! Meanwhile, now that we're giving her her old food, she's eating just fine...

3. We took a nice walk this evening. It's so nice now that it stays light later. It really makes me want to take evening walks more.

4. We got the new Mario Kart DLC! We only did a couple playthroughs of each of the new levels, but they all seem pretty fun. We're both so out of practice, though, as we haven't been playing at all recently. I want to start playing more often again.

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Apr. 24th, 2015 08:05 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] daedala!
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Spotted this morning, a piece about a photograph of a military reenactment in St Petersburg.

The group are amateurs: they do public performances as a hobby, with period weapons and clothing. They’ve been doing them for 10 years, and are beginning to get state funding, which means they can do larger events, too, with aeroplanes, explosions and tanks.

Re-enactments are popular in Russia. It wasn’t raining at this one, but it was a cold, windy Sunday – and still thousands of people came out to watch, bringing their children along to what’s seen as a fun activity for all the family. They’re considered educational, too, although the battles are always presented in a glorious, patriotic way.

This is a re-enactment of one of the final battles of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.* It took place in 1988.

Which evoked the thoughts of that being a very recent war to reenact, my association to this phenomenon being as an Anglo-American thing and mostly about civil wars (though I think maybe people also do Vikings, Battle of Hastings, Wars of the Roses, American Revolutionary War?).

Anyway, all conflicts that you can pretty much do on the kind of terrain where they originally happened.

(I dunno: maybe there are reenactors reenacting the Little Wars of Queen V, even unto the 3 Anglo-Afghan Wars? It seems improbable. Very much doubt that the Western Front, 1914-18, is much visited, either, but for other reasons.)

Anyway, the wars in question seem objects of a certain nostalgia (or in case of US Civil War, irredentism?) which I wouldn't have thought in play about the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan.

Do other countries do this?

Are there forms of reenactment that aren't about war and battles?

*Sometimes described as the Soviet Vietnam, i.e. not something to celebrate?

Guest Post: Norma Bates

Apr. 23rd, 2015 02:31 am
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The guest posts keep coming! We knew no one could resist the chance to throw out hundreds of words about female villains. Next up is Amy who lives in Southern California and occasionally maintains the blog My Friend Amy which recently turned eleven! She loves stories in all their forms, arguing about sports, and over committing herself to various projects.

Psycho is one of the best known horror films of all time and the actual psychosis behind the actions of Norman Bates in the film continue to intrigue. So much so that a few years ago, A&E greenlit a backstory to the film in the form of a TV show—Bates Motel Despite the eye rolling that was to be done over Hollywood’s lack of original ideas, the concept was fresh in some ways. The story was to be set in present day. And even more interesting was the prominent role Norman’s mother would play. The real flesh and blood mother before she became nothing but a corpse in the fruit cellar.

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Apr. 23rd, 2015 08:06 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] damnmagpie!

Daily Happiness

Apr. 22nd, 2015 11:12 pm
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1. Today was super hectic but I got everything I needed to get done done and I don't have to go in tomorrow!

2. One reason it was hectic this afternoon is because the health inspector finally came. We were expecting an inspection at any time, but of course she came on the day when my manager was not at the store and was unreachable because he was in an all-day manager meeting at the main store where they all have to turn their phones off. But I was able to handle everything myself, and although we got dinged on a few things, we did still manage to get an A (though just barely).

3. We have been worried about Heidi and are taking her to the vet tomorrow. Last time we took her to the vet, the vet noticed her gums were red and said she might have a chicken allergy as that is a common cause. So we tried to stop feeding her stuff with chicken, but found that chicken is in almost all cat food, even stuff that says it's other flavors. But since we weren't sure that was the problem, we figured we'd just try to lessen the amount of chicken and see how things went. Well, it's now been several months and her gums were still just as red, so we decided to cut chicken out entirely, and got her some all-fish stuff.

The past week she's been really lethargic and barely eating and we were starting to worry that maybe she was really sick, so tonight we decided to try one of her old favorite foods and see if she would eat that...and she gobbled it up. So basically we still don't know what's going on with her gums, but the lethargy and lack of eating was not due to her being too sick to eat or her gums hurting too much to eat, but rather her just being SUPER PICKY and refusing to eat. *headdesk*

I already knew she was picky. When we first got her, she would eat any food we put out, but she slowly became much pickier, but this has just gotten ridiculous. :p Still, we're so relieved that she actually ate more than a few bites of something, and hopefully the vet will help us figure out what's going on with her gums tomorrow.
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And have I mentioned, Sekkrit Projekt #ifitoldyouidhavetokillyou, all done, bar the shouting.

What I read

Finished Past Forgetting, which was pretty good (which was more or less how I remembered it, so it had held up).

After which I was a bit not knowing what to read next, and picking things up and reading a chapter or two and being Goldilocks and putting them down again, and reading a few further chapters of Solar Flares (gosh, there was a lot of sff in the 70s that I either did not read or have mercifully forgotten).

Saturday evening I realised I had been saving Courtney Milan's The Governess Affair for just such a contingency. Awwwwwwwww.

Finished Unexpected Stories, which, although perhaps not what one would give to anybody to introduce them to Octavia Butler, was worth reading.

A number of short stories I'd saved to my Kobo (I should probably start logging these in more detail).

Melissa Scott and Jo Graham, Lost Things: The Order of the Air vol 1 (2012) - this was okay although I wasn't blown away, and as this came as an omnibus with vols 2 and 3 I daresay I shall read those. Will we get more women characters in significant roles, I wonder? Okay it is doing some v nice things with period and aviation and occult happenings, but I don't think it gets a Bechdel pass unless you count the brief episode in the dress shop.

On the go

Am reading for review a book on birth control in the interwar years which annoys me, because it does some really useful close-focus work on specific individuals and organisation, but has several badly put together, in places downright inaccurate, chapters on various contextual issues which are essentially summarising existing historiography and thus going over well-worn territory (and so much point thahr misst), and to do this to my satisfaction you should actually write this in prose that does not have me going 'what does that even mean/that does not mean what you think it means' and display more of a grasp of what you are going on about than this manifests. Must find some rather more tactful way to phrase all this. Also, missed opportunities to take the more original material in various directions, sigh.

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, The Dragon in Exile (2015), which is absolutely the sort of thing I want to be reading at the moment.

ETA And have started The Player's Boy for the [ profile] trennels readthrough.

Up next

Well, I have the new Judith Tarr, Forgotten Suns, on the Kobo, along with 2 vintage mysteries by Ianthe Jerrold that I was sent as a freebie, no idea why, and various other stuff on its way.


*But hey, I got a really good connection to eduroam via my tablet. which sustained me through the boring bits, and in spite of the cold subterranean room, and excruciatingly uncomfortable chairs, it was useful and I guess I would rate today's sessions at 65-70%, and only one bloke who had clearly never had the memo about keeping to time in a tightly delimited slot with another speaker still to come.


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