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People killed by police, 2015. 901 and counting.

"Historically, we are living in an era of police safety. Yet fatal encounters with law enforcement have become commonplace. The past month alone saw 103 people killed by law enforcement. In the first week of September, police killed more civilians than the total number of police officers killed so far this year."

"Take a look at the 10 Alabama counties with the highest percentage of non-white registered voters. Alabama, thanks to its budgetary insanity and inanity, just opted to close driver license bureaus in eight of them. In a state in which driver licenses or special photo IDs are a requirement for voting."

"The footage shows a group of officers trying to apprehend several teenagers at the scene. A random white civilian is pictured pushing up against a black teen in handcuffs. One teen girl is crying on the ground after being pepper sprayed. Another girl is crying as a cop grabs the back of her neck and pushes her into a squad car."

Officers shoot two parents in the front of a car while their four-month-old is in the back seat. What is wrong with people.

"Yvette Smith called 911 for help. She opened the front door of her home and was almost instantly shot twice by police with an AR-15 assault rifle. The officers on the scene lied and said she was armed. The supervising officer doubled down on the lie and spread it in a press release."

"A Long Island, N.Y., woman claims she spent eight days at a mental hospital, where she was injected with powerful drugs, after New York Police Department officers refused to believe a young black woman owned a BMW."

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Oct. 4th, 2015 03:07 pm
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] oursin!

Condemn'd to repeat it

Oct. 3rd, 2015 03:32 pm
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Oft, my dearios, have I complained about reviewers greeting something as NEW! REVELATION!! when, really, not so much.

That new book on JtR that was mentioned in this post, is reviewed today in The Guardian Saturday Review: o dear o dear o dear o dear.

A new, deeply researched Ripper theory from the writer of Withnail and I centres on Freemasonry and identifies a masonic grand organist as the serial killer

(It also brings in a new solution to the Maybrick poisoning case - actually, isn't there a theory about that James Maybrick was Jack?.)

Deeply researched I think actually means: obsessively pursued beyond what any evidence will actually bear. I don't think it's necessarily 'impressive' just because it took 15 years.

I'm pretty sure that Masonic conspiracy has figured in previous 'solutions', though possibly in connection with the Prince Eddy theory?

But yet again, we see that the author of this farrago has fingered somebody who is already Known to History.


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Oct. 3rd, 2015 11:32 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] quartzpebble!

Daily Happiness

Oct. 3rd, 2015 01:10 am
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1. I got to a point in Super Mario 3D Land where I was just stuck and not having fun anymore, so I put it away and picked up Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, which I had set aside halfway through for some reason. I ended up playing that for like an hour and a half tonight, so that was fun. I already have the next one, as I got it last Christmas but never got around to playing it yet, so I will be ready when I finish this one. :)

2. I forgot to mention it the other day when I watched it, but Sunday's Bob's Burgers was SO GREAT. Seriously one of the best episodes ever. I was laughing so hard.

3. I've got some really cute kitties.

They've been playing in the bathroom so much lately. Between their newly discovered love of the bathmat and their newly discovered ability to jump up into the window there, it's just a super fun place to be (they already loved playing in the bathtub/with the shower curtain).
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Highlights of the previously-mentioned "burning through a ton of audio" situation.

I keep griping about these shows' flaws, which are inevitable because 1950's, but for the most part they're deeply enjoyable. Time to share some more of that joy, in Fun Sample Episode Downloads form.


Our Miss Brooks:

Punny, deadpan-heavy farce about schoolteachers. If you missed the previous episode rec post (or even if you didn't), those links still stand.

Taxi Fare (1955-06-19): Miss Brooks gets a cab ride home, doesn't have the money to pay the driver, and tries to raise it by scaring up some of the money she's loaned to friends and acquaintances over the years. Taking the same cab to visit some of these people might not have been the best strategy.

When they show up at Mr. Boynton's apartment, he ends up inviting Miss Brooks to visit his parents over their vacation. Although, as he puts it, "I don't want you to think that bringing a boyfriend to my apartment has influenced me in any way." And we all totally believe it. Yep.

Cat Burglars (1955-08-07): There's been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood, so Principal Conklin enlists Miss Brooks to keep an eye on his daughter while he's out of town. Includes some lovely defending-ourselves-against-criminals slapstick. Also, this (abridged) exchange from when Mr. Boynton doesn't quite grasp the reason Miss Brooks is breaking their date that night:

"I honestly didn't think it would matter so much to you..."

"Oh, it doesn't! Doesn't matter in the least! If you've found some other man you'd rather go out with, go right ahead. You've probably met someone who's taller, and more handsome, and with a better personality than I have...if so, good luck to you!"

"If so, who needs it?" [Audience joy.] "That is -- you don't understand, Mr. Boynton...."

"Oh, don't try to spare my feelings! I don't blame you for preferring to drive around in a Cadillac instead of my old heap. After all, why should a girl waste her time on a poor schoolteacher, when she can enjoy the comforts and luxuries a wealthy playboy has to offer? I couldn't expect you to pass up cocktails and dinner and dancing at some swanky restaurant, to go out with me! ...Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a glass of milk to wash this all down."

Sneaky Peekers (1955-08-14): Our heroine accidentally orders a copy of the wrong Rodin statue for a school cultural exhibition -- instead of The Thinker, they get shipped The Kiss. You can tell this takes place before the Internet, because this is shocking, racy content...and half the cast is eager to get a look.


The Burns and Allen Show:

The character versions of George and Gracie are wonderful, but every time I read something about the actors behind them, I get all these bonus feelings. Some praise the real George had for Gracie upon her retirement: "Her lines were the toughest in the world to do. They didn't make sense, so she had to memorize every word. It took a real actress. Every spare moment — in bed, under the hair dryer — had to be spent in learning lines."

And here's the thing, I hadn't even thought about it. Because in-universe, she makes it sound so natural. Now that's talent.

Gracie Takes Up Crime Solving (1947-03-06) and Kill The Rat (1947-03-13):

Gracie gets a little too into a detective program (The Tall Man, with Rudy and Trudy, a parody of The Thin Man's Nick and Nora -- who were also an inspiration for Beyond Belief's Frank and Sadie), and takes on crime-solving missions of her own. The first of these contains Gracie infiltrating "the underworld" with this flawless cover identity: "You bet I'm tough. You ever hear of Alcatraz? ...I'm his sister. Gracie Catraz."

In the second, she thinks a couple of gangsters are out to kill George, and ends up seeking out Rudy and Trudy themselves for help. Both times, Meredith Wilson (a guy so modest, he once accidentally bumped into a woman and thought "the honorable thing to do" was to marry her) gets wrapped up in the scheme, including supporting her "Gracie Catraz" identity by playing her "moll."

Gracie Goes to New Orleans (1948-02-26): Gracie is leaving on her own for a vacation, and George's biggest worry is that she'll buy expensive hats while she's there...until he gets overheard addressing a friend on the phone as "Dimples," and word gets back to Gracie that he's making plans with a girlfriend. Now George has to scramble to convince Gracie that he was only talking to their friend Bill Goodwin (who is a love interest for nearly every woman in town, but not for him).

"Why would anyone call him that?" "Because he's got dimples!" "So? He's got a head, but they don't call him Heady! He's got feet, but they don't call him Tootsie! He's got a lot of fans, and they don't call him Fanny!"

(When George originally said "goodbye, Dimples," Bill replied with "goodbye, Wrinkles." It's tough to be George.)


The Great Gildersleeve:

Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve scrambles to raise his niece and nephew, keep on good-enough terms with Judge Horace Hooker (who put them in his custody), and generally get along with the town. Oh, and support the troops as WWII kicks off in the background.

The first season (1941-42) is very plot-of-the-week, but the second one (42-43) seems to have an actual Arc, with one episode setting up plot points that get developed in the next. If this keeps up, it'll be the most continuity of any of these comedies I've listened to.

Canary Won't Sing (1941-11-30): Gildy wins a canary from a fundraiser at Birdie's Lodge (part of her "having a life of her own outside cooking for the family" background). A good prototypical example of one episode's worth of shenanigans -- our heroes start with "how can we get this bird to sing?" and it takes them to places like "uh-oh, the police just mistook our library-book list of bird foods gets mistaken for a secret criminal code"

Wooing Amelia Hooker (1942-06-28): Gildy gets a flirtation going with Judge Hooker's sister. The judge tries some shenanigans of his own to thwart the idea. Teenage niece Marjorie thinks the budding romance is sweet; tween nephew Leroy doesn't see the point: "What does he want a wife for? He's got Marge to sew on his buttons, and [Birdie] to cook for him, and Judge Hooker to fight with! What more could a guy want?"

...This was the point when I reflected that, if this series was produced today, there would be a bunch of Gildersleeve/Hooker rivalshipping. And that I am strangely okay with that.
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I currently have a day job that involves 6-8 hours of relatively mindless database-querying. I am burning through a ton of podcast and old-timey-radio hours.

Latest show put in rotation:

My Favorite Husband is a 1948-1951 domestic comedy, the forerunner of TV's I Love Lucy (the female lead, Liz, is Lucille Ball, and some of the radio show's plots got straight-up lifted for TV). To me, not having seen Lucy, it sounds like somebody's suburban AU of the Burns and Allen Show.

Doesn't help that the male lead is also named George. There was even an earlier one-shot version where George Burns and Gracie Allen played the lead roles!

Going by the early episodes, it's...not quite as good as Burns & Allen. Liz Cugat is a lovable oddball with her head in the clouds, just not as delightfully, consistently zany as Gracie-the-character. George Cugat is another long-suffering straight-man husband, but one of the fun complexities in George Burns's character is that he can be as ridiculous in his wife under the right circumstances, and we haven't seen that from Cugat.

And their careers are different, which messes with the balance of the marriage. In both shows, the husband controls the couple's finances, but with Burns and Allen, they both work in show business -- and everybody knows that Gracie is the powerhouse of the team. ("Don't worry about money, George, you've got one of the biggest talents in the business!" "Oh, thanks, Bill..." " as long as Gracie stays married to you, you're fine!") You understand that they're both making the money -- it's just that George, as The Sensible One, is definitely the one who should be managing it.

With the Cugats, their George has one of the blandest middle-class jobs imaginable (a vice president at a bank), and Liz doesn't work. So there's more of a sense that this is George's money, he's the only one entitled to it, and he lets Liz use it out of generosity. Less interesting and less egalitarian.

To be fair! Burns & Allen is a high bar to hit, so even somewhat-watered-down Burns & Allen makes for good listening. And there are points in favor of My Favorite Husband. The advertising is less intrusive. There's more humor based on the sitcom-dilemma-of-the-week, in contrast to humor based on running gags that can get repetitive.

Also, Burns & Allen has an uncomfortable streak of "casual/accepting toward domestic violence" humor. I don't mean slapstick, none of the good characters are shown hurting each other, the show realizes that this is a bad thing -- there's just a disconnect about how bad. That hasn't shown up in My Favorite Husband, so I'm hoping that's a sign of a cultural shift (and not just a sign of "you haven't gotten to that episode yet").

Most of the show is available on The Internet Archive. A few are misnamed files that are duplicates of other episodes, which is a shame (usually TIA's downloads are better-curated), but there's plenty of My Favorite Husband to listen to.
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Adventures Elsewhere collects our reviews, guest posts, articles, and other content we've spread across the Internet recently! See what we've been up in our other projects. :D

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So, last December, I took a look in at my Baseball Tarot deck, using suggestions from the audience and some random picks to expound upon the complexities of the game of baseball and its applications to life outside the game. There were assume interested comments and some reading, so I thought I'd give it another shot this time around. Since it's October, and that means the regular season is coming to a close for everyone, it's time to open up the prompts for what people would love to see. If there's an aspect of baseball that confuses you, that you want more information about, or that just looks fun, please leave a prompt idea here. I'll do this again closer to the actual time, in case something happens between now and then. If love to see new suggestions and card possibilities beyond the ones already covered, but I'll take everything.

Also, in celebration of another year coming to a close, I'm offering one card draws from this Baseball Tarot deck, with a second card available for those who would like to spread the word about this or the December prompt.

I note that this is, as they say, "for entertainment purposes only", and that I am not a professional with qualifications in regard to your health, your relationships, your finances, and that if you are in need of services with regard to those, consult those who are professionals, please.

All comments that involve a request will be screened, as will their responses. Comments that are just prompts will be unscreened, in case they are inspiring.

Edit: Card requests will close at 10:00 US/Pacific (-08:00 UTC) on 3 October.

Promenade in the Park

Oct. 2nd, 2015 02:37 pm
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Today being another glorious autumnal day, I set off in the late morning on an excursion to Regents Park, by taking 2 buses to get me to the southern end so I could walk through the Avenue Gardens.


You know that thing about 'well, if you want [X thing] you should do it yourself:
a) even were I a gardener (hah! black thumb, my houseplants die) I could not achieve this kind of effect in a teeny back garden.
b) sometimes you don't even know that you want [X thing] until [X thing] has already come to your attention: I quite by chance quite some years ago came across the Avenue Gardens while on a really dreary training course in the area, and my day was enlivened. See also, my first sight of a Louise Nevelson sculpture (Waterfall, National Museum of Women in the Arts, autumn of 1995).

Then up the Broad Walk and took a diversion around the western side of the Zoo, came out at Primrose Hill Bridge where I found I couldn't get down to the Regent's Canal towpath, and had to walk along borin ol' Prince Albert Road until I finally got to a point where I could.

Along the towpath to Camden Market (heaving: I was quite tempted by some of the food stalls but the whole crowded/nowhere to sit/etc thing decided me not) and on into Camden Town, a light lunch, and a bus home.

So much RONG here...

Oct. 2nd, 2015 10:09 am
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News that men are too fearful of a trip to HR to help out their female colleagues is final proof that the gender equality project has backfired, writes Martin Daubney.

Because men used, in the good old pre-feminism days, to help out their female colleagues and even promote their career goals, the chivalrous creatures that they were?

I haven't ever actually watched Mad Men but my impression is that it pretty much undermines the notion of men as kindly mentors and helpful colleagues.

Yes, there was (there probably still are, but they're not hanging around making deafeningly whingeing noises) the occasional bloke who did actually do stuff to enable women in their careers (70s Swinger in my earlier job, e.g.), but the smart money, I suspect, is likely to be betting on the majority going: 'only if she's HOTTT and there's a chance of an ongoing leg-over situation in view'.

Suspect that this is just the latest allotrope of the same old 'women don't belong/bitchez b crazee' and men can't work with them mindset.

Daily Happiness

Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:35 am
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1. That paypal transfer for last month's translation and tomorrow's paycheck just hit my bank and wow, there's a lot of money in there. (Which will all be gone in a couple days when I pay bills, but is still nice to see.)

2. I went over to my mom's today to help them with some computer stuff, which was thankfully all minor issues that were fixed pretty quickly.

3. Alexander came over this afternoon and we went to Walmart. They have the same kitty treats at this one that Carla got when she was back at her folks', which is good because we're down to just one and the babies love these sooooo much.

4. I'm so glad we got the pet-proof screens!

Fanwork Recs - October 2, 2015

Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:23 am
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Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again.

Recommendations included:
  • Ancillary Justice — art (1)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender — art (1)
  • The Devil Wears Prada — fic (1)
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition — cosplay (1)
  • Final Fantasy III — cosplay (1)
  • Final Fantasy X-2 — fic (1)
  • Hannibal — art (1)
  • Lord of the Rings — art (1)
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe — art (1), fic (2)
  • The Musketeers — vid (4)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica — vid (1)
  • Supernatural — fic (1)
  • Tom Hardy — gifset (1) (he's a fandom now, we decided)
  • Up (Disney) — art (1)
  • Xena, Warrior Princess — art (1)

On to the recs! )


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