Nov. 23rd, 2014 09:33 pm
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Saturday breakfast rolls: the adaptable soft roll recipe, 4:1 strong white/buckwheat flour, dried blueberries, dash of maple syrup.

Today's lunch: because of reasons, we went to the new local poncey fishmongers, and while they only had 2 very teeny specimens left of the advertised red mullet, they did sell us a whole brill, which I cooked according to Eliza Acton's recipe for soles and it was excellent; served with spinach stirfried with garlic, and padron peppers.

This week's bread: a brown oatmeal loaf: strong white and wholemeal flours, and a mixture of of coarse and medium oatmeal, and as this loaf tends to get a bit soggy in the middle, tried a suggested baking time of 30 mins in a fairly hot oven then 30 mins in a cool oven + an extra ten minutes turned over after removing it from the pan. Crusty and tasty, will see how it does.

Passing thorts

Nov. 23rd, 2014 08:36 pm
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Somehow (last week was a long rather draining week, I am still recuperating), although I could probably say more about these couple of things, I'm just flagging them up here.

O Mariella - might there be more possibilities there than 'bisexual', like, maybe, asexual but homoromantic? I can see that this might be a bit outwith the kinds of solution you are comfortable with. But if someone is 36 and never been in a sexual relationship (though maybe there is backstory, like having been a monk, or something)...?

But anyway, probably Orl Moar Complyk8ed.


Is it just me, or does anyone else get the impression that Hari Kunzru is not quite such a massive Ursula Le Guin fanboy as he makes out (or that he was at one time but has just not kept up)? I suppose a case can be made for the first three volumes about Earthsea being a self-contained trilogy but I find it a bit odd that he doesn't at all mention the later volumes returning there, and that, in fact, all the detailed accounts given of her works are from the earlier parts of her oeuvre.

Why is it at all surprising that she doesn't care for Updike but is currently enjoying Arnold Bennett? (this makes sense in so many ways).

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We've been having trouble with the networked printer, so I put the laptop next to the printer and plugged it directly in to print.

Then I booted Windows...

...and a few minutes later at 4:30 my phone alarm went off with a check email reminder...

and 10 minutes after that it was 4:40 and Windows was still thinking. Chrome was blank, informing me that Gmail failed to load on the first try, and notification bubbles were informing me that the antivirus software had updated itself, that Windows had updated itself, and that to complete further 'critical' updates it wanted to restart. I reloaded Gmail, went to Google Drive, grabbed the top document in the list and clicked 'print'.

At 4:43, it still hadn't printed.

In contrast, when I wake up in the morning I hit the power button on my computer, go in the kitchen and put the kettle on and go to the bathroom, then pour the water in the teapot and put it by my computer to brew. In the time it takes the kettle to boil my computer has produced its login screen. I sign in and go back to the kitchen to make a bowl of oatmeal, and when I return in under 2 minutes, my desktop is all loaded and glowing peacefully. I click on Twitter and Firefox and they both open immediately, the latter with all 15ish of my saved tabs ready and waiting.

If I were using the Windows 7 laptop for my primary computer, I could hit the power button first thing and still not be past the "Welcome" screen when I got back with my oatmeal. And once I logged in, I'd have time to eat the whole bowl before I got to see my tabs.

Beginning to feel warm and dry

Nov. 23rd, 2014 01:18 pm
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I ran South London 10k in Wimbledon this morning. The forecast had said rain and rain it did, it was raining when I left home, raining when I got off the train to change to the tram at Croydon and raining when I walked the 15-20 mins from the tram stop to start, and raining all the way through the run and all the stages of the journey home. I had extra layers and my rain coat on as long as I could, and at the last minute I had also packed a disposable one, which I wore between having my bag stashed away in the bag area and gathering at the start.

The start and finish were on grass, so very muddy in places after the rain and heavy going in general. The majority of the course was on streets, so there was plenty of dodging puddles and hoping that wet leaves on the ground don't send you sliding all over the place. The conditions aside, I mostly felt good, if slow—I have no idea what my time was and right now I don't really care, having finished feels good enough. Running to the finish was so frustrating: I might have the energy to speed up a little, but the choice of sodden grass and puddle-filled path in the headwind was a bit too much—I concentrated on staying upright.

And despite getting completely sodden, I feel more sorry for the marshals in the rain (at least some of whom appeared be to be on their spots an hour before the start).

Getting changed out of the wet gear (in a shopping centre toilets for the lack of anywhere easier) felt wonderful, although I clearly should have brought another pair of shoes and dry underwear as well. I had a dry pair of socks, but with my shoes so wet it seemed pointless to change them.

(Incidentally, I marshalled at parkrun yesterday, in drizzle/light rain and muddy park, and was perfectly warm, dry and comfy in wellies and rainproof coat, and of course it was only for about an hour altogether.)

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Nov. 23rd, 2014 12:08 pm
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] carenejeans!
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This winter I appear to be bouncing back and forth between sane/numb erika and crazy/happy/moody erika.

Sane/numb erika are Abilify days.

Today is not an Abilify day.

When I take it, I lose my creativity, and some part of my intelligence. Maybe my curiosity... maybe something less tangible that happens when you go from being in full command of your intellectual faculties and then suddenly only have 80% control.

But I'm not crippled by overwhelming anxiety and suffering.

As I said to a friend, "it's like Sophie's fucking Choice up in here."

I go through. I continue. Persevere. I have learned the meaning of those words. To keep an intimate relationship, I keep more things to myself, and I have learned the value of privacy to understand the currency of communication.

Communication disseminates information and can easily lead to intimacy, and therefore is an important as hell part of the work in relationships itself.

In a fact that will surprise no one who knows my parents, the communication skills I learned growing up are largely limited to threats and control-freak manipulative behavior.

It's been a real fucking pleasure to have to learn to express needs like an adult. If I were in charge of The Force, it would be vulnerability that leads to the Dark Side, so that's been a real fucking challenge, too.

(That having been said, it's still unclear to me why I haven't been journalling. Just haven't had the time, really, I suppose. More entries, but shorter than the norm seems likely.)

Actually talking to your partner is fucking important, evidently. I would say who knew, but let's be honest, everyone but me did.

Esperanza. But I won't wait, while I hope. I fight, I scheme, I build, I try my best. I do it every day, and it doesn't get any easier, but at least it hasn't gotten worse. And I like the results.

Carve it on my fucking tombstone. it's not quite Dorothy Parker*, but "She always tried her best" will do.

*Wherever she went,
including here,
it was against her better judgment.

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"Housing [chronically homeless adults] led to dramatic cost savings that more than paid for the cost of putting them in decent housing, including $1.8 million in health care savings from 447 fewer ER visits (78% reduction) and 372 fewer hospital days (79% reduction). Tenants also spent 84 fewer days in jail, with a 72% drop in arrests."

"It gets even worse for the GOP when you consider that 9 out of the 12 states seeing faster growth are those that set their minimum wages to rise with inflation."

"A screen that OSHA said would have prevented workers from falling into the sugar hopper was removed 13 days before Salinas’ accident."

"There are other examples. We talked last year, for example, about Minnesota and Wisconsin – two similarly sized states with comparable populations [...] The former raised taxes, the latter cut taxes. Which state is better off now? Take a wild guess."

"Gender-specific markups mean that in California, women were paying about $1,350 more than men a year for the same products before the state banned gender pricing. Women’s deodorant, for example, costs 30 cents more per ounce on average than men’s even when the only difference is the scent. Women also get charged more for haircuts, dry cleaning, and other beauty products like razors."

"She was sent last Sept. 9 to the emergency room at St. Mary's Hospital, which was out of her insurance network, instead of to Meriter Hospital, three blocks away, which was covered by her insurance. It's the difference between a $1,500 maximum out-of-pocket expense and the now-$50,000-plus she's facing in bills."

State-by-state map of working hours needed at minimum wage to afford rent. It's at least 70 hours a week, or 10 hours a day every single day, in all states but 2 (Arkansas and Montana).
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We don't celebrate Christmas in my household, but because we live in a country where people do tend to celebrate it, we get lots of time off right at that time (read: we both have the whole week off). So we take advantage of that and go all out on...wait for it...yuletide. We've developed our own traditions over the years, which are a combination of typical things that people tend to do on holidays (like preparing and eating a big meal, and drinking yummy things) and things that are focused on reading and writing and beta-ing fic, and/or hanging out with longtime fannish friends who also take it similarly seriously. It's the only time of the year that I really manage to be all-out fannish over an extended period of time, so it's important to me.

We still have to pick a day for when we're going to do the big meal (it won't be a day when there's something else going on yuletide-wise, but that still leaves a lot of possible days for it), but I think I'm going to roast two ducks using this recipe. Any thoughts on things that would be good alongside that?

Is anyone else starting to think about a big December meal they're planning this year? What are you going to make?

Codfish to Mr Banville, please

Nov. 22nd, 2014 12:45 pm
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At the very core of the English national character, the secret worm of despair gnaws constantly. This heartsickness may be disguised by rosy cheeks and well-cut tweeds, by displays of joviality and truculent common sense, but it will not be gainsaid. Some of the best of England's writers have chosen, with much profit, to explore this anguish at the center: Blake, and Keats and Hardy, and in our time Philip Larkin and Graham Greene. Yet it is perhaps the so-called comic writers who best capture the anomie that haunts the English soul: Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Chesterbelloc, John Betjeman and, especially, Evelyn Waugh.

What do we note about this vision of Englishness, my dearios?

Why, dr rdrz, 'the English national character' seems to be that of the male of a certain class, does it not? (Okay, we note that he does include Blake, Keats and Hardy, who I think did not undergo the soul-destroying effects of the public school system/Oxbridge.)

This is not a vision of the English national character that I would be able to discern in any except maybe a very few of the very numerous women writers of a similar era, even those who had a very much harder life than most of these sons of privilege.

Mr Banville, we may note, has significant form on gender plonkery, and a previous recommendation for a visit from Mr Codfish.

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Nov. 22nd, 2014 12:30 pm
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] gwyneira!
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Courtesy of [personal profile] gingerschnapps, it's the [mental health] Downswing Party!

Bring your mood disorder, anxiety or other mental health issue! Commiserate! Hang out!

Important note: if you're worrying that you're not doing badly enough to qualify, you are welcome too!

Daily Happiness

Nov. 22nd, 2014 12:24 am
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1. Tomorrow and Sunday are my late days and then Monday I have off, so I get to sleep in three days in a row!

2. Looks like there's a cold going around my work as we've had a few people call in sick this week. (I really hope I don't get it, since I just had a cold like a month ago!) But thankfully even though we were short a cashier today, we had someone scheduled as a stocker who could also use the register, so she was able to take over and I didn't have to be at the register and could actually get stuff done.

3. I've been playing a lot of video games lately. In addition to the new Mario Kart levels, I've also been playing the remake of DuckTales on the Wii U and Link's Awakening and Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box on the 3DS. They're all a lot of fun! (I'm getting close to the end on both DuckTales and Link's Awakening, though.)


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