Sep. 2nd, 2010

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Via some random series of link-hopping, the beginning of which I've forgotten: White male authors privileged, writing by women dismissed via placement under increasingly broad heading of "chick lit". No really! I am so shocked. I never saw it coming!

To be honest, dismissing writing by women about women as Girl Stuff was seriously old in the 1880s. And long, long before, I'm sure.

Is it time to move on yet? As a culture I mean? Or is literary merit actually determined by the size of your cock? Have I had it wrong all this time?

(Also deeply shocking, from today's edition of svenska dagbladet: Sverigedemokraterna say that no-one in Sweden was prepared to made an election video for them, so they had to go to... guess! Go on, guess! Yes, that's right.

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Today in "things that have actually been useful in giving me some kind of quick impression of the Swedish political landscape":

RFSL (Sweden's big LGBT rights group) has carried out a survey of members of political parties, asking them questions on issues including the rights of gay parents and the situation of trans people in Sweden. They scored the answers, with -5 being the most anti-LGBT view and 25 being the most pro.

Party averages based on what they said in response:

Predictably, Sverigedemokraterna (Immigrant Bastards Go Home) scored an average -2.5 out of 25 (ha) and Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats) scored 4.4, while Vänsterpartiet (Left party) came in at 18 and Miljöpartiet (Green party) came in at 17. The best average of 21.3 went, also predictably, to Feministiskt initiativ (go on, you can work that one out yourselves).

Moderaterna (Moderates, the largest party in the current coalition government) only scored an average of 4.6. If you were wondering. And most of the members asked to participate didn't respond. And of six people who got the lowest possible score of -5, 5 were from this party. Wow, doesn't that give you confidence.

The others are hanging around between 10 and 14, which I guess mostly implies a "hadn't really thought about it" kind of attitude.

Based on what they've actually done (voting and motions and so on) rather than what they say, for the parties in parliament, I copy-paste:

Moderata Samlingspartiet –0,2, Centerpartiet 1,7, Folkpartiet liberalerna 2,6, Kristdemokraterna –3,8, Socialdemokraterna 9,1, Miljöpartiet de gröna 11,3, Vänsterpartiet 17,0.


I suppose most of the rest of you who will care about this/be personally affected by it can read the Swedish article for full details, though! Given that it's an article about politics I'm pretty sure I'd just fuck up more if I tried to translate much, though I think I understand the key points.

(Reading about politics - and statistics - in Swedish is a new, special and vaguely terrifying experience for me, so do forgive me if I'm a little all over the place... Now I'm going to resist the temptation to keep expanding this post and go to sleep.)


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