Sep. 17th, 2010

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Well, OK. I've been instructed not to move around too much today and this one is actually relevant to my interests!

1) What is your favorite mode of travel? (Car, train, plane, etc).
I think I'd have to go with train. Cars and planes give me fairly regular bursts of panic, though my relationship with planes is pretty complex, and I'm not particularly fond of big car ferries or anything either, but I have few such problems with trains, though I do come from a place where train travel, while normal, is also slow, expensive and frustrating! I seem to have come out rather fond of them anyway, though, and I really enjoyed travelling around Japan by train, and travelling around Southern and Eastern Europe by train (rather different experiences, admittedly).

I actually really like travelling long distance generally.

2) Where is the northernmost place you've traveled? The southernmost?
The northernmost place is Trondheim, where I went to stay with [personal profile] unnique in spring 2007 (...Unni? Can it really have been three and a bit years ago?). The southernmost is... Cairo? Cairo is further south than Hiroshima or San Diego, right? Yes. Yes it is. OK, Cairo. I went there on a school trip, bizarrely.

3) What is the last place you visited for the first time?
Drottningholm? Mariefred? Rosersberg?

...why are these all the sites of royal palaces? I'm kind of disturbed now. We went to all of these over the summer, anyway; Rosersberg castle for Midsummer, Mariefred for a trip to see a Picasso exhibit some time around Val's birthday, and Drottningholm to poke around the extremely cool theatre there. One day I want to see a performance there. The mechanical special effects are basically the best thing ever.

4) Of all the places you've traveled, which is your favorite?
You realise this is actually an impossible question, right? I loved travelling in Japan, though, with particularly good memories of a few places on Hokkaido, and I got a really positive impression of Croatia, and there are places in Italy and the south of France that are great, and I wish I'd spent more time in Berlin, and...

5) Where would you most like to travel to next?
I want to travel around up here. On the list right now are, I think: Skåne (southernmost bit of Sweden), Oslo, Åland (which is a set of islands between here and Finland - it's a Swedish-speaking autonomous province of Finland, if I have understood correctly), Göteborg, Helsinki, and some kind of trip way up north in Sweden. (I am not talking to Denmark right now. But I gather Copenhagen is amazing, so that too sometime I guess.) Less obvious places too, though even that list will take ages given that we can't exactly throw money around. But quite honestly, sometimes Val and I try to talk about places we want to travel and I always end up with the feeling that it would be quicker to make a list of places we don't actually want to travel to.
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Today, I fucked up my wrist slightly cooking aubergines. Don't ask how, I don't even know. I'll not be typing too much for a little while to try and encourage recovery.

But I do want to comment on the election stuff a little more before I go, as much to have a record as anything: I've just watched the final pre-election debate and was really impressed with all the rödgröna leaders. Even Mona Sahlin (Socialdemokraterna) was very good today, which did surprise me. Maria Wettestrand (Miljöpartiet) is seriously quite brilliant, though.

I'll be even sadder when they lose now!

I think the main other things that have stuck with me are that:

1. it is almost impossible to really listen to anything the current boss (Fredrik Reinfeldt) says - it's just sound. It does something really weird and almost hypnotic and I don't think I can remember much at all of what he said, except that he flat-out refused to admit that his own legislation on disability benefit had actively damaged a lot of people's lives and that it was obvious it would do so, even when it the relevant lines were quoted to him and evidence was provided of people being fucked over. Obviously a lovely man.

2. I nearly threw something at the TV when kristdemokraterna's leader had the nerve to say that a vote for them was a vote for solidarity. How do they have the fucking nerve? And that word! I don't think it means what they think it means!

3. it's pretty amazing how everything that is wrong with the country is now apparently not just socialdemokraterna's fault (because they've been in power for the majority of Sweden's recent history) but also the fault of both miljöpartiet and vänsterpartiet - neither of which have ever held office.

It's like magic!

Plans for the weekend:

Fika.* Vote. Wish I could get drunk watching the results.

Plans for Monday:

Take exam.

* Drink coffee and eat delicious (gluten-free) pastries. National institution.


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