Oct. 5th, 2010

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I've been thinking a lot about identity in various forms lately. I've been trying to write about how I feel about my national identity, but that's defeated me several times now, so I'll give it a break and maybe come back later. Instead, expression of identity through appearance.

Me. And the quest for something that fits. )
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How sick am I of politics now? I am this sick.

Every day is a new barrel of laughs, basically!

On the one hand, Sverigedemokraterna want us to believe that they are tragic victims (most of them being members of that well known oppressed minority group, straight white men) and that When They Are Dead We Will All Be Sorry (because they are absolutely all going to get murdered by hateful foreigners any moment now). Also it will be all the fault of the press for their terrible hate campaign.

On the other hand, everyone else is in hysterics about SD and a lot of people seem to be painting this picture of them which is worse than they really are. They're terrible people but they don't, in total honesty, have to be more than the local idiots if everyone else in parliament can just get their act together and stop acting like the end is nigh. They don't have decent policies, they don't make sense, and while it may be a frustrating idea for the alliance that sometimes they might vote with the opposition it wouldn't actually be a catastrophe for the country that would send us spiraling into chaos. If no-one is co-operating with them or taking up their policies, they do not actually have the power to steer the country in their chosen direction - they just get to pick between the viewpoints of two blocs which are, on the whole, considered socially acceptable and non-extreme.* And no-one can do anything about that, and no-one has a "responsibility"** to change their actions because SD might choose to vote with them, and actually, that is a fucking dangerous idea, so you know, fuck you, Frederik Reinfeldt.

Anyway, one of the dangers here actually is that you say that SD are the most evil people ever - and then the reality actually ends up looking kind of OK in comparison, and they get to say they're being demonised. Treating them in a way that could actually make them look more sympathetic to people who are sitting on the fence about the whole thing? Great idea. You know, you can point out the things they say that are wrong and damaging and racist or sexist or otherwise horrible. You can counter those points. You can maybe try to be adults about it too. I'm pretty sick of the hair-pulling and name-calling now TBH. I know they love to play that game but you needn't keep on joining in. That is giving them power.

* my feelings of deep distaste for KD and the "insane communist extremists" school of thought about Vänster aside. (By the way, Lars Ohly is about the only person who has occasionally said things that haven't made me want to throw the radio/TV/newspaper out the window lately. What's with that?)

** Also if I hear the word "responsibility" from a politician one more time I will scream. Everyone is taking responsibility or is demanding that someone else take responsibility or.


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