Mar. 25th, 2011

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I want this jacket. But would my family actually let me wear it to my cousin's wedding, I guess is the question.

ETA: And this I guess is an old design. I've seen different versions of it around (but none in stock) - I approve like you wouldn't believe.

ETA: not as fun, but still more interesting than anything I own. Yeah, I'm just keeping notes for my own reference now.
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I mean, he's eleven. For one thing, he's a good if eccentric artist, and for another, what the hell, eleven year olds are alowed to draw however the hell they want. So is everyone else, for that matter.

Here's the thing: for years I've only drawn anything very occasionally because I've never thought I was very good at it. And I'm probably not. I tend to stall a lot at writing for the same reason, though I can write pretty well - but I am, you know, not a genius, so do I really have the right? Liv Strömqvist has done a comic about this phenomenon, and I'll scan and translate it some time soon, I think.

Her point is basically: fuck that. Do you like doing it? OK! Do it! Unapologetically!

And maybe that's how you get good at it, and maybe you will never be good at it, but if you do it with confidence because you enjoy it then who cares.

This really should be obvious but it's something I've had a lot of trouble with. It's something most of us have trouble with.

Excuse me. I have a malformed crocodile or something to draw.
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A quick & messy scan & translation job (full of improvisation), all done with a cat glued to my side! I've been away from home for a few days, staying with Val's parents, and the cat is making sure that I won't vanish again in the only way he knows how: lying on me and purring in the hope that I will become stuck to the bed with cat-drool and unable to get away.

Anyway, presenting...

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