Apr. 30th, 2011


Apr. 30th, 2011 10:00 am
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I have two 3W4D posts in the holding pen right now, by the way - one was going to be for yesterday and one for today - but I think they'll both have to go up tomorrow, since we're trying to do all the things today.

First! Lunch with a favourite relative of Valborg's who lives far far away but is briefly in town.
Second! Afternoon tea with a friend of ours who isn't in town often either.
Third! It's Valborgsmässoafton. There will be big fires in the evening as a gesture of "thank fuck spring came this year too." (This, like the Christmas Goat, falls into the category of "Definitely Not Pagan We Promise *shuffle shuffle*") After last year's rather terrifying event in town we're trying a different place a little further away but which is reputed to not make one feel that one may die at any moment.

The posts you're temporarily missing out on are:

- another Liv Strömqvist comic titled "Riots Not Diets", about the dieting industry as a tool of oppression
- another post about old bones, this time more generally about kind of things you need knowledge of for studying human & animal remains, with bonus talk about the experience of working with dead things and the morality of the same.
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Well, I actually did find the time to round this one off today after all! (You can thank my slipped disc, sigh.) But anyway, here's your entertainment for the day: Liv is angry about female beauty standards! Hoorah!

And now begins the series...
- Riots Not Diets by Liv Strömquist

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AND the other one! Back on schedule. *g*

Prompt: Archaeologists study dead people and animals, among other things. Do you need to know a lot of anatomy to put everything back into place (humerus =/= shinbone and so on)? And how does it feel to touch/watch/discover things that have been dead and hidden for ages?

There are a whole bunch of different things going on here, so I'll try to break this down a bit.

Do you need to know a lot of anatomy?

short answer: yes. )

And how does it feel to touch/watch/discover things that have been dead and hidden for ages?

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Way better than last year. Nervous children sang slightly off-key, a nervous local politician gave a speech about spring, and no children tried to throw themselves in the fire, although one did make a fast run for a precipice (it was caught). All this is quite in accordance with tradition.

Maybe next year I'll be able to stay a bit longer as well - it was too tough on my body to hang around long. But I got to see them light the fire!

(Spring is here, spring is here!)


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