Jul. 11th, 2011

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[Video: The Ark's It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane. Video is basically The Ark wandering through Stockholm and playing on top of Kulturhuset.]

So we're thinking of going to see The Ark's Very Last Concert in september. This is kind of hectic as an idea since there are no advance tickets. We'd probably have to take J to Grönan through the day and Val could entertain him with rollercoasters etc. while I camped in line with a book or whatever. But it might be worth it. The Ark!

We basically missed all the other nearby gigs in the tour apart from one on Åland which is part of a festival and eh. Not back to festival-going energy levels yet. (Yes, Åland is part of Finland. Kind of. It's still way nearer us than Göteborg or Helsingborg. Or, hah, Piteå. But no, no festivals this year.) Oops.

P.S. Just to clarify why The Ark are so great, if you need some help, here is their musical contribution to the gay adoption debate from when that was a Thing here. It's like FUCK YOU with extra sparkles.
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Oh, and I'm so outrageously behind on photo-sharing that I will never ever catch up, but here, have a few from our first post-surgery trip to Stockholm, a week or so back. We hung out in the comics library in Kulturhuset, which is basically the best thing ever. It was also possibly the only place with a reasonable air temperature in the whole of Stockholm that day.

Just outside there's an 'eco cafe'. Loads of plants growing in systems made of recycled plastic bottles hanging in the windows.

Kulturhuset )

In health news, I am healing "beautifully" & don't need any sort of plaster or dressing any more, I will be going back to physio once my physio person comes back from holiday, and... I have a cold, which really doesn't seem that much to complain about after Everything Else, though I have to say I'll be glad when the world stops spinning every time I make a sudden head movement. Otherwise I've been sickeningly lively, even without having slept properly in a week.


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