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Hi! I'm working like a really hard working thing on my current Swedish course, and really enjoying it, except for the 5:30 am start yesterday to get to the university for 8 to have a two hour introduction to grammar, woe and sadness. Generally I'm only in at the university three days a week, sometimes four, but there's a lot of reading and a lot of tasks. Soon I will be getting started on the term's big project, as well, which involves interviewing someone, writing a report and giving a spoken presentation.

I suspect I should be doing some more blogging in Swedish, actually, because I don't tend to write much in Swedish over and above the minimum otherwise, which is no good, because that's where the standards are strictest and one of the things I need to work most on. Hum. On the other hand, it would probably be difficult for me to blog in two languages at once, and most of you don't speak Swedish.
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I tend to write much more in English than in my own language, which sometimes leads to me writing some slightly-off Finnish, so writing in two language at once is challenging at least! But, if you don't want to try outright Swedish blogging yet, maybe you could try writing a certain amount of Swedish a day or something like that? Sounds like you're working quite a lot already though.
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Glad to hear you enjoy the class!

You could try to write a sentence or two long summary of your English posts in Swedish?
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I think you should blog in Swedish if you want to, and writing in it will definitely help. (Like, I can understand a good amount of German, but I find having to actually express myself in it ridiculously difficult, and I know that's something that I need to do more in order to get a better grasp on the language.) And tbh most of us can probably google translate if we really want to read your entries, yeah? :P
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I would still try to guess what you were saying in Swedish, and failing that, will probably poke at you to translate.