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Toft ([personal profile] marshtide) wrote2011-10-05 07:21 pm


Reading Charlie by Margareta Suber. It's early 20th century Swedish lesbian fiction. It's pretty short, so I'll probably finish it today or tomorrow. Anyway, just have to say - o Charlie, be my drinking buddy?

Also, all the ladies plz to be having sex now? No wait, early 20th century. Longing looks and hands touching in suggestive ways it is then, I guess! (But rly, all the ladies.)
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yeah that is all I know of that song actually

But, yeah, those early 20th century lesbian novels, heh. Well of Loneliness, obscene-not-so-much. Y SO LITIGANT, BRITISH COURT SYSTEM
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It's totally like the lesbian area of the Jeeves & Wooster world, innit? (Except for the left than spiffy end).

But her hair, her flapper style, the beach enviroment <3