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Re: London - oh seriously. You never saw it coming? You are just so surprised that there's all this stuff that's been lying there waiting to explode? Please. Also, social and political context. Fucking pay some attention to it already. If people are doing OK they generally don't feel the need to set fire to things en mass. Seriously. Yeah, it's terrible that this is happening, but on balance I'm most angry at the government. What the hell are you guys doing, pushing the country to a place where this seems like a good idea to so many people?

(& as ever when Stuff Happens, facebook generates a terrible grumpy headache just for me! And I wonder yet again why I keep checking it.)
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I'm home. Here are my parade photos, since I have no idea if/when I'll have the energy to post them properly. It was good. I'm tired.

I have a couple of weeks of downtime and then I go in and get started at Stockholm university.
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Pride week has been great, and chaotic, and I got to hang out with more people than I have in ages. It is almost as though I have a social life, for serious! I think I've also doubled the muscle mass on my legs, albeit from a starting point of v. pathetic. Unni is leaving late-ish tomorrow, so we're doing a little more non pride related tourist stuff through the day. (Vasa museum, aka the failboat.)

Then I'll go home. And sleep. And maybe give you guys some photos.

Other developments: my counter for 'people who think I speak some slightly unplaceable Swedish dialect' continues to go up, and is joined by a smaller but quite convinced group who believe I am specifically a Finland swede. I choose to take this as a good sign. If a slightly odd one.

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Huh, time - it has been doing weird shit again! Where did it go? Also, I feel extremely hungover today, despite yesterday evening having been one of the few this week to not involve alcohol at all. Ugh.

Anyway - Gabriella, Unni!

We'll be in Stockholm from Tuesday morning to Sunday afternoon. I'll probably be sleeping there all week, and Val will be doing a bit more travelling back and forth to fetch J for the days he'll be with us (probably Friday and Saturday). But basically, we're around.

Here's a completely pick-and-mix list of activities! It is not an inflexible timetable, because I don't believe in those and neither does my rather dysfunctional body.


Lectures! For example:

Islamofobins historia och uttryck, Pride Sergel, kl 11 - 12:15

Hierarkier, makt och ideal i hbt-världen - diskussionen om dom Andra, Pride Sergel, kl 14 - 15:45

Vad är kön och varför är vi så besatta av det?, Pride Sergel, kl 16 - 17:45

Also lunch somewhere in the middle of all this - I suggest Vetekatten! Because I can get a sandwich there which is gluten free and good! And it's relatively central. But am open to other ideas. Obv. it's not the place for warm food, but maybe in the middle of summer that's fine.

If one has a burst of wanting to do something in the evening, there's a theatre thing on:

Man - en utredning, kl 19 - 20:30


Possibly museums? Definitely an Unni! Probably wandering around in Kungsträdgården!

We have pride packs, which amongst other things give us free entry to Fotografiska, which currently has an exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe's photos - Unni, would you be interested in going to that, or should we go on Wednesday morning before you arrive?

Queer vid sekelskiftet, Hallwylska museet, kl 13 - 14

Meet Unni! Hang out! Explore the pride areas generally.

There are some theatre/performance things on in the evening on wednesday too, again according to energy levels & interest:

En normal föreställning, kl 19 - 19:45

Lip Shit Queers, kl 21 - 21:45


Transhistoria, Pride Kungsan, kl 11 - 11:45

Cowgirls for everyone!, Pride Kungsan, kl 13 - 13:45

Jag är inte rasist, men..., Pride Sergel, kl 15 - 16:45

Dinner! We thought Lao Wai, but they're closed for the summer, and then we thought sushi, but then we thought Unni would hurt us, so any suggestions? Type of food or a specific place if you know stockholm. Our fallback is Wagamama, because we know they're good at catering to different requirements. They're over by Centralstationen.


Pinkwashing, Pride Sergel, kl 13 - 13:45

& otherwise otherwise we'll be exploring town! Gamla stan is on the list for Friday, Unni - do take this as a measure of our love for you. & We're probably going to take you to the sf bookshop just for laughs. Well, also J is getting really into manga and is tentatively interested in comics generally, so we figured we could let him loose in there and see if he finds anything.

Optionally, if the weather is good and no-one is feeling completely boat-phobic: Outsiders: queer stockholm från sjön


Watching the parade! (Not going in it this year because I'm not feeling up to it physically.)

Evening expedition to see the last Harry Potter film.


Chill. Whatever one feels like.

THEN WE WILL SLEEP FOR THE NEXT WEEK. Or not. But we will want to.
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Sergels Torg, the central square in stockholm, full of people. Really, really full of people.
[image: a crowd fills Sergels torg, central Stockholm, and sits on & against the walls and railings surrounding it.]

We spent today in Stockholm, running errands. In the evening there was a manifestation (I have no idea what to call this in English, watch my grasp of the language drain away) in the city centre to both remember the victims of the terror attack in Norway and to promote political openness. We didn't stay the whole course, because J was with us and super-tired, but we were there a while. The atmosphere was good. See above.

I'm glad we went.

Then Valborg went online. Oh no. Now people On The Internets, I gather, are saying it was TOO POLITICAL OMG.

It was organised by the social democrats' youth group, that is to say, the partner organisation to the one targeted in Norway.

This was an explicitly political attack. The majority of the victims were explicitly interested in politics. How the hell is it inappropriate to bring in politics? It seems deeply appropriate to me to keep talking about the things that these kids were interested in and working for. The alternative would seem far less appropriate.

By the way, Jonas Gardell said something that we've been thinking: that the thing to do in this situation is to be political. Support groups that help immigrants. Support groups that protect human rights. Support religious freedom and gender equality and queer movements and what the hell ever else makes the world a better place; examples in question picked because of arsehole responsible for the terrorist attacks' particular dislike for them.

Also, the "He Did It Because Of Computer Games" brigade have now deemed it safe to come out of the woodwork. Ugh.

I am so ready for Pride, by the way. We are going to have a party. And also go to seminars about racism and islamophobia. Take that, you fucking bastard.

(On which note, revised schedule to come tomorrow. Along with questions about food preferences etc.)
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I've started re-watching Utena. I was just going to take some screencaps to use for a Robots post! But then I heard the opening credits and I was basically hooked in straight away. And then I realised there's a bunch of stuff I don't remember! And it was all so exciting! So I guess that's what I'm doing now.

And then I'm going to write a post elaborating on exactly how much of a giant homage to and reimagining of 70s queer shojo it really is.

I'm actually also getting this urge to do a thing about Utena and Sailor Moon, because I think there's some Stuff going on there, although I haven't pinned down exactly how to put it yet. All the more reason to keep watching...


Jul. 24th, 2011 03:42 pm
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O Norway. :( I am thinking of you guys. Much love.

By the way, for those of you I've been wailing to about the entire series of horrible assumptions about the culprit of the crimes, Swedish media is finally getting its act together and moving away from treating this as some kind of lunatic who came from nowhere and examining context. We're also admitting that this was explicitly political. (It is admittedly pretty impossible to deny at this stage.)

For example:

In SvD Tötte Löfström writes,

Risken är nämligen stor att vi i våra huvuden avfärdar det hela som en galen människas verk och därmed möjliggör fler, liknande dåd i framtiden.


There is a great risk of writing the whole thing off as the work of a madman in our minds and so making possible more crimes of the same kind in the future.

In Expressen Ann-Charlotte Marteus writes,

Kent Ekeroth är inte heller ensam om att överge politiskt och kollektivistiskt språkbruk och övergå till individuellt och psykologiskt, när han får veta att gärningsmannen är norrman. "Galning", "vansinnesdåd", "ensamvarg" och "tragedi" var mycket vanligare ord i går, än "terrorist", "terrordåd" och "extremism".
Om Anders Behring Breivik visar sig vara skyldig, och utan medhjälpare, kommer det bli frestande att börja kalla honom ensamvarg, en särling, och ge honom en psykiatrisk diagnos. Han kan bli en sorts norsk motsvarighet till den misstänkte svenske seriemördaren Peter Mangs.
Den strategin har sina för­delar. Genom att använda medikalisering kan samhället slå sig till ro med slutsatsen att "ensamvargen" är en sjuk ö i en frisk kultur, inte ett symptom på problematiska drag i själva kulturen.


Kent Ekeroth* isn't alone in abandoning political and collective language and going over to individual and psychological when he realises that the culprit is Norwegian. "Madman," "act of lunacy," "lone wolf" and "tragedy" were much more common words yesterday than "terrorist" "act of terrorism" and "extremism."
If Anders Behring Breivik turns out to be guilty and without helpers it will be tempting to call him a lone wolf, a nutter, and give him a psychiatric diagnosis. He can become a kind of Norwegian equivalent to the suspected Swedish serial killer Peter Mangs.
This strategy has its advantages. Through use of medicalisation society can comfort itself with the conclusion that "the lone wolf" is a sick island in a healthy society, not a symptom of a problematic movement in the culture itself.


* Kent Ekeroth is a member of Sverigedemokraterna who spent Friday night talking with particular glee on twitter about who he thought was behind the whole thing and sending HAHAHA TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS ONE to muslims. Class act, truly.

SVT has also broadcast some good interviews from Norwegian TV, but since it was on TV I can't quote you.

In DN someone writes that we win by talking and looking honestly at what's going on in our society and by being politically active. We don't win by saying it was pure madness with no explanation and allowing ourselves to dismiss it.

But I'm done for today. I have a horrible cold. I've mostly been sleeping. Time to go find some easy reading.

Uhm, so.

Jul. 20th, 2011 07:41 pm
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Rose of Versailles' secret high school AU. I have written a post about it. (Spoiler: it is called Oniisama e.)

Here @ robotsintutus.

Fun times!

(I'm off to Åland for the next couple of days, by the way. I'll be back at the weekend.)
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I'm accepted at Stockholm university, but denied funding. I'll study anyway but sigh, this means another winter in our way too small flat and also even more really cheap food. None of this is unexpected but I'm feeling less than enthused about the financial side of things.
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Oh, and I'm so outrageously behind on photo-sharing that I will never ever catch up, but here, have a few from our first post-surgery trip to Stockholm, a week or so back. We hung out in the comics library in Kulturhuset, which is basically the best thing ever. It was also possibly the only place with a reasonable air temperature in the whole of Stockholm that day.

Just outside there's an 'eco cafe'. Loads of plants growing in systems made of recycled plastic bottles hanging in the windows.

Kulturhuset )

In health news, I am healing "beautifully" & don't need any sort of plaster or dressing any more, I will be going back to physio once my physio person comes back from holiday, and... I have a cold, which really doesn't seem that much to complain about after Everything Else, though I have to say I'll be glad when the world stops spinning every time I make a sudden head movement. Otherwise I've been sickeningly lively, even without having slept properly in a week.
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[Video: The Ark's It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane. Video is basically The Ark wandering through Stockholm and playing on top of Kulturhuset.]

So we're thinking of going to see The Ark's Very Last Concert in september. This is kind of hectic as an idea since there are no advance tickets. We'd probably have to take J to Grönan through the day and Val could entertain him with rollercoasters etc. while I camped in line with a book or whatever. But it might be worth it. The Ark!

We basically missed all the other nearby gigs in the tour apart from one on Åland which is part of a festival and eh. Not back to festival-going energy levels yet. (Yes, Åland is part of Finland. Kind of. It's still way nearer us than Göteborg or Helsingborg. Or, hah, Piteå. But no, no festivals this year.) Oops.

P.S. Just to clarify why The Ark are so great, if you need some help, here is their musical contribution to the gay adoption debate from when that was a Thing here. It's like FUCK YOU with extra sparkles.
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RFSL report that Maria Larsson (go on GUESS WHICH PARTY. GUESS.) has said, wrt the whole forced sterilisation for trans people thing that I've talked about before,

"Jag anser att man ska undvika att använda ordet tvångssteriliseringar, det leder fel. Man fattar ett beslut att man vill genomgå ett könsbyte. Barnperspektivet har också betydelse i den här frågan, barnet ska ha någon att kalla mamma och någon att kalla pappa."


"I think that one should avoid using the words forced sterilisation, it's misleading. One makes a decision to go through with a sex change. The child's perspective is also relevant to this matter, a child must have someone to call mother and someone to call father."





I had other things to say but I'm busy fuming.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE a hedgehog just wandered by outside the window. :)
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So! I'll post this here since all my primary sailor moon enablers read this journal - I'm almost done with Sailor Moon S (5 episodes to go, which at current speed will probably be gone by tomorrow). S is obviously by far the best so far. Outer senshi, oh yeah.

But the thing is, I don't know how I will cope without them, and I hear they're not really in the next season & that lots of it is about chibiusa. Who is... fine, but don't think I can deal with too much of her in one go. So uh, I might have to skim it a bit. If anyone knows what bits are good off the top of their head, I'd be v. grateful!

Yeah I am just trying to get to more Haruka as fast as possible. Don't even pretend you're surprised.
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Today is SUPER GAY. Utena film and s3 of Sailor Moon, oh yeah.

Sorry, I should really go away until I actually have something to say.

But you know!


(Ok ok. snarp has the best comments ever to make about the Utena film and it was absolutely what prompted me to rewatch it. And having done so: yeah, totally on the mark.

Also unrelated to the link but wow Anthy really does have more than a passing resemblance to Gilbert from Kaze to Ki no Uta; brain broken. Utena as a whole is basically the child that was produced when all the really queer series from the 70s had a big orgy. Which they enjoyed very much, I should think.

Now I've said things. I'm scaling back my pain meds considerably so have a headache. Back to sailor moon. WITH LESBIANS.)
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1. Hi! I have another really odd request. What are your best robot songs! That is, about robots. That are not sung by Janelle Monae or by Robyn, because we already have those and love them and hug them.

2. We're expanding on the material we talked about at BLYG on our blog. Robots in Tutus. I mean, it loses a bit of its context since it's building on something you didn't see, but it probably doesn't matter that much. Incidentally, if you DID see the talk (OK, that is like one person who reads this blog) then there's also more detail up there in an older post on my mu = coded gay thing that I talked about a bit.

To come, several or all of:

- our bibliography
- oniisama e as an AU of rose of versailles
- sameness as a relationship ideal
- Series we hopped over most of the details for: Orpheus no Mado, Sword of Paros, Applause prologue, & more
- parody
- queering motherhood: the expanded and hopefully more coherent version
- challenging the idea that everything is all thanks to Osamu Tezuka*

* Sure, we LIKE Tezuka, but you guys, really.

Basically, we got a really big kick from the weekend and we're trying to make the most of the energy! Our list of planned posts in general, not just (uhm) the ones connected in to 70s shojo, is seriously terrifying. BUT LET'S SEE. Maybe it'll be amazing!

3. OH! Right, this is important, you guys: anyone who is going to Pride this summer with us, or who would like to - the schedule is up on their website (Pridefestival > Gör ditt eget program). We're already trying to pull together a plan, since we actually want to go to about six times as many things as we could possibly manage, many of which are in the same time slots, woe.

Now I'm going to switch to Swedish. De här är saker som jag vill gärna gå på, fast några måste ju bort. åsikter? Andra saker på scheman som ni tycker verkar bättre än de jag har plockat fram? Saker på min lista som verkar för tråkiga? När det finns fler saker som pågår samtidigt, är du mer intresserad av en...? osv osv osv.

Dessutom, om du inte har sagt att du vill hänga men tycker det skulle vara kul så är det bara att säga till! Finns ju också andra saker som man bara kan gå och kolla på typ när som helst. En miljon. Några miljoner. Saker att kolla på ska inte saknas.

- Visning på armémuseet: Krig, kön och sexualitet, kl 13 - 14


- Att leva öppet som regnbågsfamilj - berättelser ur ett forskningsprojekt, kl 12 - 12:45

- Lesbisk kamp - till minne av Stina Sundberg, kl 14 - 15:30
- Hierarkier, makt och ideal i hbt-världen - femininitet och maskulinitet, kl 14 - 14:45
- Hierarkier, makt och ideal i hbt-världen - diskussionen om "de andra", kl 15 - 15:45

- Vad är kön & varför är vi så besatta av det?, kl 16 - 17:45
- Man måste ju ha någon under sig - ett samtal om diskriminering, kl 17 - 17:45
- Readings of the fat body, kl 17 - 17:45

- Man - En utredning, kl 19 - 20:30 (också visas på onsdag eftermiddag, dock)

(Tisdag är typ den galna dagen som man inte får att gå ihop, jösses)


- Visning: Queer vid sekelskiftet, kl 13 - 14

- Älska eller hata Kalle med klänning och Jösta och Johan?, kl 15 - 15:45

- Pride kids: Tom Tits har en tält på Kungsen genom eftermiddagen, vi kanske ska ta J ditt? vet ej

- En normal föreställning, kl 19 - 19:45


- Transhistoria, 11 - 11:45

- Cowgirls for everyone!, 13 - 13:45 (MED BÅDE BIRGITTA STENBERG OCH KAROLINA BÅNG, hallå, det går inte att missa)

- "Jag är inte rasist, men..." - ett interaktivt seminarium om vithetsnorm/rasism i hbtq-samhället, 15 - 16:45


- Motstånd och/mot historia, kl 14 - 14:45

- Pride ung: Serieteckning, kl 17 - 19, fast jag vet inte, eftersom jag är den enda som är tillräcklig ung för att komma in av de som jag vet vi ska hänga med. Sadface!

- Outsiders - queer Stockholm från sjön, kl 19 - 22


- Salong Normal (föreställning av barn som vi tänkte tar med J på - J ska säkert vara med på lördag, för vi tänker gå med tillsammans i paraden som regnbågsfamilj), kl 12

- Parade, kl 13

4. In other words: I'm feeling kind of manic and full of ENTHUSISASM! to DO STUFF! So actually, I'd love to hang out with other people generally. [personal profile] dancing_moon? *meaningful look* Well, OK, I'll let you collapse for a while first, goodness knows you've earnt it by now.
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I just realised that I haven't updated since surgery! All is well. More when I'm not typing from my mobile. ♥
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I'm checked into the hospital and unpacked and all that. I have a whole pile of comics to read and anime to watch on my phone. I was originally in a four person room, but the staff spotted my mental health problems and switched me to a private room without being asked. This calmed me down loads - not just that I can be alone but that they realised so fast and sorted it.

Had a really lovely weekend at BLYG. We kicked arse, basically, and so did a bunch of other people. :D spent most of the time at talks and discussion circles. Can safely say that the Swedish con world is not free of us yet.
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(This post sponsored by continued furious editing to try and make our talk SHORT ENOUGH OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WE COULD TALK FOR SEVERAL HOURS ABOUT THIS STUFF WE ARE HAVING TO CUT SO MUCH.)
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Operation date: 20th. It's confirmed. I'll be going in on the evening of the 19th, so basically once I'm done at BLYG I'm not even going home, we're just making sure we have all my hospital things with us that day and taking a cab there or something. It's good to have something to do through the day; hopefully it'll give me something to focus on other than being freaked out (seriously, hospital stays manage to combine a shocking number of my phobias and neuroses into one package of joy). Whether I come out on the evening of the 20th or on the 21st depends on how they think I'm doing.

ANYWAY. I have a plan for this summer, which is basically: do craft stuff! Make things! Especially make clothes, since we have no money to buy good things but can probably modify a lot of the boring stuff we have!

I've already posted the results of my jeans-patching experiment, but I've also been up to some other stuff.

1. Shoes for [personal profile] valborg. Well, decorating them. We found a pair of very plain white canvas shoes in a box somewhere (or something), which fit Valborg fine but were incredibly boring. Also, I raided the Red Cross's shop for huge numbers of buttons a few weeks ago without any particular plan as to what I was going to use them for.

Read more... )

2. A t-shirt for Valborg. It was actually going to be a birthday present, but there's been a lot of terrible going on lately and there was this week when she seemed like she really needed cheering up, so she has it already.

It's a pride t-shirt!

Read more... )

So that's what I've been up to lately. :) I've been having fun, anyway!


Jun. 10th, 2011 02:40 pm
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We are staying in a disgustingly picturesque old building associated with a castle, surrounded by disgustingly picturesque gardens and countryside. This is kind of weird, you guys! There is an instruction in the hallway instructing guests in expected conduct: avoid attracting attention through for example behaviour or manner of dress.

...oh dear.


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