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Operation date: 20th. It's confirmed. I'll be going in on the evening of the 19th, so basically once I'm done at BLYG I'm not even going home, we're just making sure we have all my hospital things with us that day and taking a cab there or something. It's good to have something to do through the day; hopefully it'll give me something to focus on other than being freaked out (seriously, hospital stays manage to combine a shocking number of my phobias and neuroses into one package of joy). Whether I come out on the evening of the 20th or on the 21st depends on how they think I'm doing.

ANYWAY. I have a plan for this summer, which is basically: do craft stuff! Make things! Especially make clothes, since we have no money to buy good things but can probably modify a lot of the boring stuff we have!

I've already posted the results of my jeans-patching experiment, but I've also been up to some other stuff.

1. Shoes for [personal profile] valborg. Well, decorating them. We found a pair of very plain white canvas shoes in a box somewhere (or something), which fit Valborg fine but were incredibly boring. Also, I raided the Red Cross's shop for huge numbers of buttons a few weeks ago without any particular plan as to what I was going to use them for.

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2. A t-shirt for Valborg. It was actually going to be a birthday present, but there's been a lot of terrible going on lately and there was this week when she seemed like she really needed cheering up, so she has it already.

It's a pride t-shirt!

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So that's what I've been up to lately. :) I've been having fun, anyway!
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- I still don't have an operation date and am kind of stressed about this. I mean. I just want to know already. There's a good chance it'll get in the way of going to BLYG because they only have one day after that weekend when they do operations. (I have asked them to fit me in there if they possibly can. They'll get back to me.) I would love to have this sorted out so that I can plan accordingly. And maybe some time when I'm not going round and round in circles about this I might manage to post something substantial again.

- We're going away for the weekend with family. There will be five of us in the car. And we're taking my wheelchair. And bedding. And food. I have no idea how this is going to work; maybe we should just strap J to the roof. (...or not.)

- Valborg's mum gave me a book! It's from these people (site in Swedish), with tips for murdering old unwanted clothes and turning them into new things. She just found it somewhere I think. It's pretty fabulous. No idea how much I'll actually use it but I'm pretty sure there are some good ideas and inpiration in there. And some really cool pictures! (I've been over there doing bits of sewing - my jeans and a t-shirt for Valborg and tiny pride flags because there is always a need for tiny pride flags - almost entirely from scrap fabric and old clothes that I'm re-using, so I am now designated as Interested In This Sort Of Thing. This is the kind of thing Valborg's parents latch onto, I think.

- Not unrelatedly, favourite queer/genderqueer symbols? I mean obviously I know a bunch but there are a million variations on all of them. (Yeah, I am sewing myself something ridiculous and then wearing it for pride week. And just whenever I want, basically.)

- Did I mention that I'm really obsessive when I get started with things? I'm still taking too many photos, but keep running out of space to store them and having to find new storage places.


May. 30th, 2011 08:14 pm
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Probably an operation in the next few weeks? God I am so tired.

(I am full of general panic, because I'm terrified of hospitals AND of things I don't have any control over - more ridiculously, I am also going BUT WHAT IF IT IS THE DAY BEFORE BLYG OR [IMPORTANT FAMILY EXPEDITION]. Duh, it's my health, it IS actually more important. Sigh.)

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On a more personal note, I'm still suffering quite a bit from this whole slipped disc business. I actually got subscribed a good three weeks more of the ridiculously strong tablets (the ones I needed to get certified by the pharmacy before I could take them into another country without risking getting arrested) by a very sympathetic doctor, to give you some idea; Swedish doctors do not like giving out medicine unless they're convinced that it's really, really necessary. Really necessary.

I keep optimistically saying that it's better than it was, but to be honest, a part of me does think that it's just the fact that I have better medication. The weekend between running out of the strong stuff and getting a new prescription was rough.

But I'm getting scanned on Monday to see how it's looking in there.

Also, I think our cat is trying to herd us... Humans: they should all be in the same room. All the time.


Apr. 11th, 2011 09:18 pm
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Went to the doctor's again this morning. I feel slightly more human. The quantity of medication it takes to get there is spectacular and if we decide that we actually are travelling to the UK on Friday (not sure) then I'll need to get certification from the pharmacy that I am allowed to be carrying quantities of restricted drugs. It's a new adventure every day.

But I really can't describe how marvelous it is to be able to lie in bed and feel no pain at all, and to be able to stand up for, goodness, minutes at a time. And this is after the first dose. I do feel stiff and awkward on my feet but I haven't been able to walk for a while now so of course I'm all seized up on top of everything else, but it doesn't feel like the same thing at all.

New hope!

And maybe I can get my first proper night's sleep in ages!
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Appearance anxiety. Health anxiety. I haven't exactly crashed but I have been wobbling.

I still can't really move freely; I sat in the car to Täby and back yesterday, and went into one shop there, and then I was wiped out. I'm sceptical as to my ability to do a full working day including maybe 5h on buses altogether, fast turnarounds between schools (sometimes requiring a flat run), and no chance to lie down at any stage by next week. I suspect I'm going to end up getting my leave extended again.

Therefore also money anxiety.

I do appreciate that I don't need to worry about these things in actuality. I weigh more than last year because last year I was too mentally ill to eat properly. I'm feeling all kinds of terrible because of my back and the medicine I'm taking to control the pain but it's not life threatening and as I'm getting physio etc it really will go away. And we've managed on just Val's income before, so, well.

But you know, I'm feeling kind of wretched because I haven't been able to do much of anything for about a month. So I worry anyway!

(I also have to get a haircut in the next couple of weeks, which is a really stupid thing to have anxiety about, but try telling my subconscious that.)
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1. You've probably seen this around, but on the offchance, “Straight Male Gamer” told to ‘get over it’ by BioWare. How beautiful is this?

2. I know some of you are academically inclined when it comes to anime & manga fandom, and so I thought I'd ask around a bit - do you know any good articles or book chapters on shojo, particularly classic shojo, and even more specifically with a focus on queerness? Do you know of any good articles or book chapters on the historical traditions into which that particular brand of 70s shojo that I'm so interested in fits into? Do you know of any about its influence on later manga?

I have some material on all these things, various manga history books and academic papers, but one always misses things. And you guys are a smart and well-read bunch. ♥

3. Yesterday I imagined that I had picked up my wallet and put it in my pocket before we went to the shops. I had, in fact, put it on the microwave.

I seem to be putting a lot of things on the microwave lately, for no apparent reason. My only defence is that I'm still pretty heavily medicated...


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