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This morning Ynk thought that he wanted to steal an extra minty throat sweet from Valborg.

But upon closer inspection...

[Video: Cat attacks packet of throat sweets. the fear! the fear!]
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Good morning. Today the cat made a blanket fort. It was the Best Fort Ever.


more terrible photos from my phone )

Isn't he just begging for captions?
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On a more personal note, I'm still suffering quite a bit from this whole slipped disc business. I actually got subscribed a good three weeks more of the ridiculously strong tablets (the ones I needed to get certified by the pharmacy before I could take them into another country without risking getting arrested) by a very sympathetic doctor, to give you some idea; Swedish doctors do not like giving out medicine unless they're convinced that it's really, really necessary. Really necessary.

I keep optimistically saying that it's better than it was, but to be honest, a part of me does think that it's just the fact that I have better medication. The weekend between running out of the strong stuff and getting a new prescription was rough.

But I'm getting scanned on Monday to see how it's looking in there.

Also, I think our cat is trying to herd us... Humans: they should all be in the same room. All the time.

Real Cats

Apr. 1st, 2011 07:40 am
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Names of which Ynk is in possession at the current time:

- Ynk
- Ynk von Kattlund
- Kattlund
- Winston
- Kattjävel (bloody cat)
- lille skit (little shit)
- katten korven (the cat sausage)
- surpuppa (sourpuss, or more literally, sour pupa)
- surikat (meerkat)
- bullen (bun)
- surbullen (sour bun)
- ondskans bulle (the bun of evil)
- gubbe (old man, with connotations beyond this which I can't quite translate.)

And probably many more.

My point is, I think we can safely say he's a Real cat, this one.
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Dear journals that seem like you probably have useful articles but which I can't get access to except by ordering actual physical copies from the US: I sadface in your general direction. I'm sorry, but I'm not giving you a pile of money just to see if you actually do have relevant material.

P.S. cat photos!

Read more... )

P.P.S. It's melting! It's melting!

Except when it freezes again.
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[personal profile] brigid posted about Christmas traditions. Obviously, this year mine are in flux.

In my childhood we had:

Rules! Very Important Rules about what colour candles you could have! )

And since then I've either been home for a simplified version of the above or family have come to me and we've done pretty much business as usual, but less formal.

And now I'm in Sweden! I'm keeping hold of the mince pies, but that's about my only concession to Britishness this year. It will be presents and insane amounts of food on the 24th, and complete collapse on the 25th. Different food, etc. (More fish. Don't even pretend you're surprised.)

We've also got different advent decorations:

Advent candles. That's moss in the base with little mushroom decorations attached into it. You can have things other than mushrooms - Val's parents also have little birds - but that's what we've got!

(Yes, that is a glass statue of a raised fist of solidarity in the background. It's a candle holder. ...what are you looking at me like that for.)


Advent star. A lot more people in the houses around us have the flatter-looking sort of star you can see in most of these pictures. Pretty sure this is a German tradition, but what about christmas as celebrated here isn't?


Well, maybe this. Yule goat! There is a story to how goats are involved but I gather it is Definitely Not Pagan No Not At All Nothing To See Here.

That's all we've got up for decorations here. The tree and all that will go up at Val's parent's as we'll be there for christmas anyway and the cat would only do something terrible to a tree if we had one.

P.S. How many limbs does this cat have? And how on earth does it arrange them like this? And can that really be as comfortable as his face seems to indicate he thinks it is?

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The view from our bedroom window:


Winter )

Cat )

I probably do have things to report but I'm feeling faintly manic and I can't quite remember what they were. I'm doing a lot of cleaning, a fair amount of reading, and struggling my way through job applications in Swedish.

I have the next round of exams for my language courses on tuesday. Did I mention that?
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The cat is called Ynk. This is actually the name of a dog in Tove Jansson's moomin books (Sorry-oo in English, I think) who is very small and pathetic (as the name indicates).

It suits him rather. Even though he isn't at all sorry for himself.

I know the kitten pictures are what you're here for, though. )
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1. Yesterday afternoon I had the final part of my exam with Sfi. (I've passed, by the way. I don't know if I got a "good" or a "very good", but I definitely passed.)

Yesterday morning the school rang me to ask me if I knew when my exam was meant to be, because they had forgotten.

Yup. That's Sfi.

2. We have a kitten. He was a stray. He doesn't have a name yet and I admit I am still worrying darkly about potential health issues, but it'll go however it goes, and at least he's pretty happy and lively at the moment. Although terrified of hairdriers.

Perfectly reasonable, really.

3. I can't believe how much I want it to be the weekend considering how little I've actually had to do in terms of school etc. this week.

4. I'm having a music crisis. Why can I never remember what music I like outside of two or three obsessions at any given time? I feel somehow quite sure that my taste is more varied than this.


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