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Oh, and I'm so outrageously behind on photo-sharing that I will never ever catch up, but here, have a few from our first post-surgery trip to Stockholm, a week or so back. We hung out in the comics library in Kulturhuset, which is basically the best thing ever. It was also possibly the only place with a reasonable air temperature in the whole of Stockholm that day.

Just outside there's an 'eco cafe'. Loads of plants growing in systems made of recycled plastic bottles hanging in the windows.

Kulturhuset )

In health news, I am healing "beautifully" & don't need any sort of plaster or dressing any more, I will be going back to physio once my physio person comes back from holiday, and... I have a cold, which really doesn't seem that much to complain about after Everything Else, though I have to say I'll be glad when the world stops spinning every time I make a sudden head movement. Otherwise I've been sickeningly lively, even without having slept properly in a week.
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1. Patched my favourite jeans. They're super-comfy but have slowly been turning into one big hole.


Of course I had to be all pseudo-artistic about it, because I am me! I may not be done with sewing random shit to these jeans. If they're going to be patched they should be really patched, damn it.

2. Been to Moderna Museet (the Museum of Modern Art) in Stockholm to see exhibitions of the work of Siri Derkert and Klara Lidén. Art sure does take a lot of mental energy. I really enjoyed myself.

And now I am tired.

I took a pile of photographs, from both the museum building at large and from the actual exhibitions. Here are the ones that don't feature people who wouldn't want to show up here.

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3. Annoyed the cat.

Here is the cat, in J's schoolbag:

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At first when the bag started shaking and screaming we wondered if he was stuck, but apparently it's just the Best Game Ever.
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Here! A HEAP of photos. Mostly flowers. One cat.

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Stray link: Tiny lost robots! TINY ROBOTS! (Video, with some really fast cutting between shots. transcript included)

The rest of my phots from the day before yesterday:

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We're pushing on towards summer now, which means light, though not necessarily warmth.

illustration )

It's getting harder to sleep because there's at least some light for so much of the night. By midsummer, midnight will basically look like the 10:30 photo above! I have conflicted feelings about this because on the one hand, loads of light, and really light nights can be beautiful. On the other hand, sleep is kind of nice...
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I'm really tired, you guys. Didn't sleep last night! Did sleep a big chunk of the afternoon, so it could be worse. But.

So, photos again in lieu of me having to write down actual words that make actual sentences.

The weather was crap yesterday )

today there was at least some sun. also, there were GIANT-ASS SNAILS what the hell. )

Photo dump

May. 14th, 2011 10:55 pm
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Photo dump from my latest couple of daily shuffles )

(Basically, I try to take myself out of the house daily, and shuffle a little way around the area. Since it's the same general area all the time - given that I can't go that far - I try to find random details to take photos of to keep myself entertained. Now I'm done throwing post after post at you for the day.

Also, Eurovision: I should never listen to the lyrics. I need to basically work from the assumption that they're all terrible love songs and that listening will make me angry and hold mental score purely based on the quality of hats on show.)


May. 9th, 2011 01:39 pm
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We've had some warm weather, then some cold weather, then some warm weather again, but it's felt like it's taken forever for the trees to get any leaves. But now they have them! I cannot tell you how excited I am. (As is traditional, I'm really excited by seasonal transitions. Then I get really fed up with the season itself once it's got going properly. I don't actually like summer; fair warning. I do think the process of getting there is glorious, though, and if it could stay this temperature - about 17 degrees c - until september I'd be happy.)

Anyway. Here's some photos from the last few weeks - for obvious reasons they're all taken within about 50-100m of our flat.

whole pile of photos here )

P.S. Highlight from my cousin's wedding:

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Good morning. Today the cat made a blanket fort. It was the Best Fort Ever.


more terrible photos from my phone )

Isn't he just begging for captions?
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1. [community profile] photo_treasure_hunt, which I've been taking part in for kicks (admittedly mostly with old photos right now because I'm not really able to go chasing around town after the perfect shot). You know how I love taking photos. Even if I'm not that great at it. :)

2. A story about rat sex in response to various people being resoundingly wrong on the internet. I have picked this link rather than any of the ones more directly addressing the human gender & sexuality fail because this one is mostly about adorable rat stories, and I am all for adorable rat stories.

I am pretty sure no-one here actually needs the other fail outlining for them anyway.

3. Fat and angry part III: to those who love us is a good post.

4. I'm getting on a plane to Scotland tomorrow. This means I have approximately a million things to do today, but I'm going to be good and do them slowly and with appropriate amounts of rest so that I'm not all tensed up tomorrow.

P.S. Bonus cat picture.


If indeed it is a cat.
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As pointed out, many things are crap or kind of hard work right now.

But as my hairdresser says, at least I have a cool haircut.

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Dear journals that seem like you probably have useful articles but which I can't get access to except by ordering actual physical copies from the US: I sadface in your general direction. I'm sorry, but I'm not giving you a pile of money just to see if you actually do have relevant material.

P.S. cat photos!

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P.P.S. It's melting! It's melting!

Except when it freezes again.
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I'm starting my job properly tomorrow - I've been working since the middle of last week but at home, Organising All The Things. Commuting time, basically.

Although I did travel to Uppsala a couple of times last week. )

I do have a brand new phone which I can check my mail & go online a certain amount with, so maybe I won't vanish completely. But!
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January 11th. Morning. Yeah, we've had a sudden burst of +/-1 weather. Oh the ice.


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[personal profile] brigid posted about Christmas traditions. Obviously, this year mine are in flux.

In my childhood we had:

Rules! Very Important Rules about what colour candles you could have! )

And since then I've either been home for a simplified version of the above or family have come to me and we've done pretty much business as usual, but less formal.

And now I'm in Sweden! I'm keeping hold of the mince pies, but that's about my only concession to Britishness this year. It will be presents and insane amounts of food on the 24th, and complete collapse on the 25th. Different food, etc. (More fish. Don't even pretend you're surprised.)

We've also got different advent decorations:

Advent candles. That's moss in the base with little mushroom decorations attached into it. You can have things other than mushrooms - Val's parents also have little birds - but that's what we've got!

(Yes, that is a glass statue of a raised fist of solidarity in the background. It's a candle holder. ...what are you looking at me like that for.)


Advent star. A lot more people in the houses around us have the flatter-looking sort of star you can see in most of these pictures. Pretty sure this is a German tradition, but what about christmas as celebrated here isn't?


Well, maybe this. Yule goat! There is a story to how goats are involved but I gather it is Definitely Not Pagan No Not At All Nothing To See Here.

That's all we've got up for decorations here. The tree and all that will go up at Val's parent's as we'll be there for christmas anyway and the cat would only do something terrible to a tree if we had one.

P.S. How many limbs does this cat have? And how on earth does it arrange them like this? And can that really be as comfortable as his face seems to indicate he thinks it is?

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The view from our bedroom window:


Winter )

Cat )

I probably do have things to report but I'm feeling faintly manic and I can't quite remember what they were. I'm doing a lot of cleaning, a fair amount of reading, and struggling my way through job applications in Swedish.

I have the next round of exams for my language courses on tuesday. Did I mention that?
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As previously reported, it snowed in October. About half a week later the world still looked like this:

Snow )

This photo was not taken when I was out cycling. I am slightly too fond of my own neck.

Coming home from school, about a week ago:

Do you remember when there was light in the evenings? Well. )

Out on my bike today, with the snow having left:

2nd November )

& now it's, you know, November. So I'm planning on reading Sent i november and feeling vaguely melancholy, mostly.

And I guess making the Christmas things that'll benefit from sitting around in a cupboard for a couple of months. (I'm making mincemeat and then mince pies, as the single British contribution to Christmas. I've never actually made mincemeat before, so we'll see how that goes.)
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I went out into the forest yesterday. With my bike - I'm not really that great on my feet but I can cycle pretty well - so I was mostly on the main track, though I abandoned my bike for a while to explore off it too.

Photos )
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I've been thinking a lot about identity in various forms lately. I've been trying to write about how I feel about my national identity, but that's defeated me several times now, so I'll give it a break and maybe come back later. Instead, expression of identity through appearance.

Me. And the quest for something that fits. )
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The cat is called Ynk. This is actually the name of a dog in Tove Jansson's moomin books (Sorry-oo in English, I think) who is very small and pathetic (as the name indicates).

It suits him rather. Even though he isn't at all sorry for himself.

I know the kitten pictures are what you're here for, though. )


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