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1. Tony Porter talks about how fucked up current ideas of masculinity are. (Discussion of rape and violence against women.)


(NSFW alltihop. Reklamen på Bangs hemsida är alltid något... du vet.)

2. En idealisk gärningsman av Niklas Hellgren (våldtäkt, ras, föredomar)

3. Konst som splittrar nationen av Tiina Rosenberg (SD, främlingsfientlighet och konst som nånting som bör vara skönt och ge glädje - eller bör provocera)

4. De osynliga systrarna av Susan Behnam (gammal artikel om invandrarkvinnor och kvinnorörelsen)

Jag blir lite kär i Bang ibland. Har ni favorit tidskrifter på svenska som jag kanske skulle tycka om...?

I feel unsure about how to describe my interview experience. It felt positive; but on the other hand, I've had such overwhelmingly negative experiences of interviews before that I can't say if that's a skewed perspective talking. It could just mean "I didn't even panic a little bit."

The really positive thing here, I think, is that I know now that I'm capable of doing an interview without hyperventilating, which has been a traditional problem and a barrier to gainful employment. What's more, I can do it in Swedish - and regardless of outcome they were really impressed with my language skills and said so several times. (Sometimes I do feel like Swedish has been a key to a bunch of things for me, particularly expressing myself with confidence, which maybe sounds weird considering I'm not actually capable of such complex expression as I am in English. I'm sure it's also coincidence in that my mental health has improved a lot over the last year, but the end result is that I can now do things in Swedish that I couldn't have done in English last year.)

I never did talk about my exam much, did I? The key points are:

1. I got to write a short comic piece on the topic of LGBT parenting (there were a few themes to pick from, one of which was children and childhood, so I ran with it). I got very high marks.

2. My spoken test was on the subject of gender equality. ...I got very high marks.

I detect the hand of D in the latter. He's the younger of my two teachers, and delights in provocative topics, and is very good at asking the questions that people try to avoid. He's thoughtful and precise in his expression of ideas and I suspect that a day when he gets to challenge people's preconceptions is, for him, an excellent day. Yes, we got on rather well.
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Yes. I'm alive.

I've just finished my first week of school with SAS, and I actually have next week off because it's autumn break (I may spend some time in Stockholm, but mostly I've decided to try and pick a project, any project, and work on it until I'm done - even if it doesn't turn out how I wanted). So: SAS. It's still pretty easy, actually.

But I like my class. It's quite small, friendly, and focused. I have a pretty good idea of who people are (although I'm not doing that well with names, which I don't have a good memory for). I have yet to feel threatened. I have had really interesting discussions with people. I'm planning to take the next round of tests as soon as possible, but also considering grabbing contact details from about half the class. I kind of wish I'd asked some people if they wanted to have coffee or something during our week off. Which I think is a good sign.

P.S. I'm giving a short talk to the class in a few weeks. On anything I like! I think the trick here will actually be to find something I can keep short enough... uhh.

P.P.S. I've been enjoying Ramp, which is a TV programme from UR about relationships, sexuality and identity. The first episode was about heterosexuality, and I'm watching the second episode now, which is about homo- & bisexuality, and then I think tonight's is going to be about transsexuality. I think I'm partly just kind of overjoyed that a programme treats heterosexuality in exactly the same way as other sexualities and identities.

& a few weeks ago this showed on TV. ("Heterophile: a heterosexual cabaret") It was on pretty late and I was too tired to follow everything - and of course it was really complicated Swedish - and I'd like to see it again to try and pick apart more of it. Some of the parts that I got were really good, while in other parts I understood the words but still couldn't follow what they were actually driving at (and want to try again with those as well). It is, of course, a lot about norms, and power, and identity.

& this is what we're doing tonight.


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