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From Med vänlig hälsning.

[Image: one-pannel cartoon with a tiny police officer in one corner. Swedish text.


"Kvinnomisshandel och kvinnofridskränkning är de mest populära brotten bland svenska poliser. Är det verkligen de bästa brott de kan komma på? Som hjälp få de här några tips på olika vis mer spännande och givande brott som de kan syssla med istället, om de nu absolut tvunget inte kan hålla sig på rätt sidan av lagen:

"* Innehav av något ovanligt djur t.ex kängaru! * Skändning av flaggan! * Högmålsbrott! * Ohörsamhet mot tjänsteman! * Helikopterrån! m.m!


"Tipsa gärna polis om fler brott!!"]



Mistreatment of women and the violation of womens' integrity are the most popular crimes among the swedish police. Are those really the best crimes they can come up with? To help them out here are a few tips for them about different kinds of more exciting and rewarding crimes that they can commit instead, if they absolutely can't manage to keep themselves on the right side of the law:

* Possession of an unusual animal, e.g. a kangaru! * Violation of the flag! * High treason! * Contempt of an official! * Helicopter theft!


Feel free to give the police tips about more crimes!!


That's all I've got. I have an exam for several hours this evening in Stockholm, J has just been shipped off on a school trip for the week, and this morning the cat burnt his foot on a hotplate. We dunked him in the sink for a while and then sat with him and forced him to have cool things against it.

He is viewing this as a kind of tripple betrayal on the part of Everything He Knows And Loves, but it doesn't seem to be a bad burn, thank fuck.
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Tiitu Takalo - I ringen ("In the ring") / Finnish title: Kehä

Finnish lesbian comic translated to Swedish. With girls who are boxers! Be still, my heart. It's a pretty simple story but it felt right, in a conflicted teenage kind of way - I'm hoping to find some more of her stuff to read soon (think there is at least one other volume in Swedish).

English version of Tiitu Takalo's website
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And here we have a longer piece by Liv Strömquist, from her latest volume, Prins Charles Känsla/Prince Charles Feeling. This strip is not perfect in every way, but there sure are some points in there.

Take care of a man! )
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Continuing on the translation spree!

First today we have some pages from "With best wishes" from Sara Granér. She's another feminist comic artist, and generally political. She, like Karolina Bång, is a member of Dotterbolaget, a group of feminist comic artists started in Malmö in 2005.

Med vänlig hälsning/With best wishes from Sara Granér

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And then we've got a bit of Nanna Johansson. Nanna Johansson specialises in 1. turning opressive situations and ideas upside down to make a point, and 2. deliberate ugliness.

The book these are from is in fact called "Ugliness".

Fulheten/Ugliness by Nanna Johansson

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And then finally, a quick one from Liv Strömquist!

100% Fat by Liv Strömquist

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NEXT TIME: Liv Strömquist gives us the results of the "Take care of a man!" competition.
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Well, I actually did find the time to round this one off today after all! (You can thank my slipped disc, sigh.) But anyway, here's your entertainment for the day: Liv is angry about female beauty standards! Hoorah!

And now begins the series...
- Riots Not Diets by Liv Strömquist

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So today I'm introducing another member of my little personal pantheon of Swedish queer feminist comic artists (OK, I will grant you, it is a very specific pantheon): Karolina Bång! Handboken (The Handbook) is a mix of stories about people who fall outside of various norms, bits of queer & feminist history told in comic form, and bits of how-to guide to alternative relationships!

This time I've got a little selection of mostly one-page comics to offer you, about queerness, norms and boundaries. This post is NSFW & some comics deal with rape culture.

There's something that most girls have learnt...

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Shake That Norm

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The norm ghost: It's trying to get you!

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The end of the nuclear family: A Utopia

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Previously translated strips:

- Snapshots of a patriarchy: The myth of the stone age, by Liv Strömqvist
- Creativity - a comic about making things by Liv Strömqvist
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Here's a translation of a short comic strip by Liv Strömquist, Sweden's favourite feminist comic artist and social commentator. My rough translation, as per usual. This, by the way, is semi-relevant to the post I'm hopefully putting up tomorrow on assigning sex to human remains. It's at least some kind of complementary reading material!

This is from Liv Strömquist's first collection, 100% fett (100% Fat).

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Previously translated strips:

- Creativity - a comic about making things by Liv Strömquist
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A quick & messy scan & translation job (full of improvisation), all done with a cat glued to my side! I've been away from home for a few days, staying with Val's parents, and the cat is making sure that I won't vanish again in the only way he knows how: lying on me and purring in the hope that I will become stuck to the bed with cat-drool and unable to get away.

Anyway, presenting...

Creativity )
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- work books (YA & children's books in English)
- Alison Bechdel's Fun Home (♥)
- Liv Strömquist's Prins Charles känsla (♥!!!!)
- Andromeda Stories

Comics and work things. That's my level. Prins Charles känsla is a comic about love, as in, what the hell is this bullshit anyway, and it's pretty brilliant. It also has footnotes and references! Hoorah! And it makes fun of Viktor Rydberg (amongst many others), which I am all for. Alison Bechdel presumably needs no introduction in these parts.

(I'm currently feeling a bit like I want to buy ALL the cool queer & feminist comics, by the way. Or at least read them. Any ideas?

Likewise, lesbian films/films with queer appeal?

And really good YA books. Especially if an audiobook version exists. I have nerds and I have people who like "everything except sci-fi" and I have people who refuse to admit to liking anything at all, alas, so...

I know. I never write, I never call, and then I come in here with a little pile of requests for help. And I never did say what kind of music I wanted when some of you so kindly asked. This is either because I'm a terrible person or because I completely ran out of concentration & room for coherent thought when I started working. Or both!)


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