May. 3rd, 2011

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1. Can anyone tell me what all those books I wanted to read were? I seem to forget as soon as I'm asked... No? Oh well.

2. Working on a few posts - more translation, and an attempt to talk about Swedish music which seems to be going to hell, I'm afraid! I like music but I'm not very good at talking about it, and in addition, the music I know about is so all over the place. Well.

We'll see.

I asked for prompts earlier, but since there are some new people following along, feel free to add your ideas. I read a lot, I'm an ex archaeologist, I'm queer & interested in queer history... well, to be honest, I have about a million interests. If there's something I've posted about that you'd like more on or something that you wonder about, ask away.
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Continuing on the translation spree!

First today we have some pages from "With best wishes" from Sara Granér. She's another feminist comic artist, and generally political. She, like Karolina Bång, is a member of Dotterbolaget, a group of feminist comic artists started in Malmö in 2005.

Med vänlig hälsning/With best wishes from Sara Granér

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And then we've got a bit of Nanna Johansson. Nanna Johansson specialises in 1. turning opressive situations and ideas upside down to make a point, and 2. deliberate ugliness.

The book these are from is in fact called "Ugliness".

Fulheten/Ugliness by Nanna Johansson

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And then finally, a quick one from Liv Strömquist!

100% Fat by Liv Strömquist

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NEXT TIME: Liv Strömquist gives us the results of the "Take care of a man!" competition.


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