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I've started re-watching Utena. I was just going to take some screencaps to use for a Robots post! But then I heard the opening credits and I was basically hooked in straight away. And then I realised there's a bunch of stuff I don't remember! And it was all so exciting! So I guess that's what I'm doing now.

And then I'm going to write a post elaborating on exactly how much of a giant homage to and reimagining of 70s queer shojo it really is.

I'm actually also getting this urge to do a thing about Utena and Sailor Moon, because I think there's some Stuff going on there, although I haven't pinned down exactly how to put it yet. All the more reason to keep watching...
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Today is SUPER GAY. Utena film and s3 of Sailor Moon, oh yeah.

Sorry, I should really go away until I actually have something to say.

But you know!


(Ok ok. snarp has the best comments ever to make about the Utena film and it was absolutely what prompted me to rewatch it. And having done so: yeah, totally on the mark.

Also unrelated to the link but wow Anthy really does have more than a passing resemblance to Gilbert from Kaze to Ki no Uta; brain broken. Utena as a whole is basically the child that was produced when all the really queer series from the 70s had a big orgy. Which they enjoyed very much, I should think.

Now I've said things. I'm scaling back my pain meds considerably so have a headache. Back to sailor moon. WITH LESBIANS.)


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