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...I mean not that it's really surprising given the general direction of Europe at the moment and the fact that it's David Cameron. But.

ALTERNATIVELY: David Cameron's failure to behave decently creates discomfort AND MASSIVE SUFFERING.
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You know, I understand being annoyed by criticisms leveled at women based on their looks, on their apparent masculinity, or on their choice of clothes. Cool. Fair play to call that shit out.

I do being to question your judgement when you keep right on complaining about how people don't like said women because of their politics, how unfair is that, and fail to mention until two chapters later that their politics included, for example, a strong fondness for Mussolini. (I note you don't mention the thing about adoring Hitler at all, or the membership of the British Union of Fascists, which seem to come up regularly in other accounts of Mary Allen's life.) And then you seem to be trying to apologise for it. No, one doesn't have to centre-stage this stuff when one is discussing activity in other movements, but if one is going to actively protest the fact that some people find Allen to have been a really morally dubious figure... well.

I have to say, you're also just not a terribly good writer. And this isn't the first thing you've said that's made me go ...what?, it's just the worst offender so far.

I think I need to put this book away now before I throw it at something.

(I'll read Pippi Långstrump instead. Some thieves have broken into her house! Or rather, wandered in through the unlocked door! It's all very exciting.)
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I, approximately forever after the rest of the world, have just seen the recent Sherlock Holmes film. I'll admit I really wasn't expecting anything good, but it fell short of even what expectations I did have, actually.

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That done with, I'm moving on! I think I'll watch the Brett version of A Scandal in Bohemia and see if I can get some screencaps of... oh, I don't need to tell you, do I?

(Up sides to today: we bought plants and now the flower beds outside aren't sad and empty any more! Also I have gin! Down sides to today: my computer has fallen over and died. Typing this from Val's. Other posts I may have had planned are likely to be delayed.)


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