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Well, I actually did find the time to round this one off today after all! (You can thank my slipped disc, sigh.) But anyway, here's your entertainment for the day: Liv is angry about female beauty standards! Hoorah!

And now begins the series...
- Riots Not Diets by Liv Strömquist


1. This series is going to be about the patriarchal strategy of using DIETING to keep women down.

- I feel so awkward and ugly and fat, and BIG, taking up too much space, so undisciplined and LAZY and bad and... etc.

2. Around 90% of women in Sweden have dieted at some time, and it's more rule than exception that women are unhappy with their bodies.

- I feel overweight, gross, plump, swollen, podgy, dumpy, big, like a hippo...


1. Today's models and actresses - that is to say, the feminine "ideal" - weigh on average 25% less than the average for women in general.

2. The panic over being fat or getting fat of course gets in the way of women feeling good enough, content and happy, and also from thinking about more important things.

Woman's magazine:
800 KILO

Men's magazine:


1. At the same time as the first wave of the women's movement started in Sweden dieting started to appear in the weekly magazines, and the idea that women should be thin was planted in our minds.

- Are you going to come and vote?
- No, I'm weakened from a diet that was recomended in Housewife
- And in any case, Harold is a member of the National Socialists, and then one doesn't need to vote!

2. When the women's movement took a stride forward in the 70s the ideal woman also became thinner than ever before - with model Twiggy as its example.

- Are you coming to the Group 8 meeting?
- No, I'm weakened from nutritional deficiency after my macrobiotic diet.
- And in any case, Raymond has promised to help me with my sexual liberation, he thinks that I'm too stiff in bed and not interested enough in sex!


1. Under the third wave of feminism from the beginning of the 90s, when feminist awareness was raised in many different areas, the feminine ideal became EVEN THINNER than before. Plastic surgery began to be normalised among the general population, and we were drowned in information about different diets - each one more absurd than the last.

- Are you coming to train in feminist self-defense?
- No, I'm way too exhausted from throwing up low-carb products all morning.
- And in any case Viggo has promised to take me to a casting for the new series of Temptation Island - he thinks I've got a chance of being in it if I just get my breasts fixed!


1. One gets the feeling that the extremely thin beauty ideal is grounded more in women's suffering than women's beauty.

- But of course a suffering women is wonderful too!

2. Otherwise why would one think that an underweight model who can hardly stand is attractive?

- oh la la what a beauty!
- please give me cocain.


1. The collective fixation with the idea that women need to be thin also supports a number of industries.

2. Journalists:

- Yes, yes, diet your whole life with our diet reports!

3. Dietitians:

- Only eat meat... no wait, just stone age food... or, oh, bronze age food! No, I know, just raspberry gumdrops! Sauerkraut! Lard!

4. Product developers:

- We developed Lard Light which was a big success, and now we've also come up with "Medium Lard" and also "Mini Lard" with just 1% fat...

5. Psychologists:

- Women who feel fat should begin by working with their inner fatso... they may have an overweight subconscious or a borderline disorder... they can start by buying my new self-help book, "steps towards a thin soul".

6. Cartoonists:

- I'm a disgusting mountain of pork! Come on now women, haven't you heard of the humour of recognition?!


1. Where was I...

Liv: Oh yeah... the ideal that women should be underweight makes loads of women obsessed with dieting & unhappy with their bodies... which is a bloody simple way of keeping women on the mat, weakened and suffering...

2. Now people talk a lot about how a big threat to health in the western world is fat.



1. The biggest threat to health, though, is belly fat, that is to say male fat. Women on th eother hand can be a bit overweight without endangering their health.

- My stomach gives me weightiness.
- Personally I'm afraid that my thighs will give me a heart attack.

2. Despite this it's naturally women who diet most, and who most often suffer from imaginary fat.

- If you got to meet the Dalai Lama, what would you ask him?
- Do I look fat in these jeans?


1. The thing that's dangerous for women is to constantly go up and down in weight, feed themselves different absurd diets and have constant angst and hate their bodies.

- Congratulations! You've really managed to get in shape for bikini season!
- Thanks.

2. So therefore...

Liv: To give my body - which is actually beautiful - enough food every day is the beginning of the end for male-dominated society. So it's COMPLETELY NATURAL if you feel uncomfortable.

- Aagh... you're wrinkly.

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