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So today I'm introducing another member of my little personal pantheon of Swedish queer feminist comic artists (OK, I will grant you, it is a very specific pantheon): Karolina Bång! Handboken (The Handbook) is a mix of stories about people who fall outside of various norms, bits of queer & feminist history told in comic form, and bits of how-to guide to alternative relationships!

This time I've got a little selection of mostly one-page comics to offer you, about queerness, norms and boundaries. This post is NSFW & some comics deal with rape culture.

There's something that most girls have learnt...


1. do what's expected of them.

- I know you don't believe it, but kids can be pretty horrible to each other.

2. - Yeah! It's easy! Put your hand on it and just move it up and down! If you do that you'll have a chance with me.

3. - Not to mention teenagers.

4. - What! I thought you liked surprises!
- I was ASLEEP!
- But! We did it yesterday anyway!

5. Those kinds of things make an impression.

- Fuck fuck fuck I'm not even a BIT turned on right now! But what if she doesn't want to date me any more if we don't do it...

6. And it isn't as though anyone is going to help you.

Sometimes you don't want to any more. Then you should think about doing it now and then anyway. Fulfil your marital obligations to save your sex life.


1. - Your thighs belong to you, but it's my right to separate them

- So now comes a little reminder.

2. (no text)

3. Your body is ONLY yours.

- It's ONLY up to you what happens to it.

4. - Do you want to have sex with everything that moves?
- DO IT if you have the opportunity!

5. - If you don't want to, you have to dare to say it. A reasonable, normal person thinks that it's MORE uncomfortable to have sex with someone who doesn't really want to than for the other person not to "put out".

6. Situations where the male body has more freedom are countless.

- Fuck, guys, it's hot!

7. But fuck that! You're the one who decides when your breasts have anything to do with sex.

(The "just breasts" network, 2009)


Shake That Norm


There are gender roles...

1. - seriously, I drank so bloody much this weekend, I mean, wow. Henke, you know, the total babe! I made out with him yanno!

2. *tee-hee* *tee-hee*
- makeup

3. - tee-hee
- I love animals! tee-hee

4. - Yeah but have you heard Missy's latest? I downloaded it to my ipod yesterday!

- Wow! Cool stuff!

...and norms which mean that...

1. - I like dirty dancing too!
- My place at 7! You bring the crisps!
- Yeah!

2. - You're coming to test my new gamecube tonight, right?
- Sure thing!

3. - We are all victims of the patriarchy!
- S'ry

4. - Sort it out for tonight!

...these things might not be OK...

...while these are completely fine.

1. (boom shake boom)

2. - She thinks she's something!
- Just because she's going out with Micke.

3. - I get all the attention when I come into a room because I'm a man!

4. HETEROSEXUALITY - the most natural!

But it doesn't have to be like that, it can be changed!

1. Because there aren't that many who fit into the norm-template


- We've got it good, the ones who've got the power

2. It isn't so much about free choice...

- Obviously fathers should get to be at home but it's still a mother thing to take care of the little ones!

3. ...but rather a structure...

- It's not that strange that men don't shave, right? Of course they've got more hair than us to get rid of!

4. ...called the patriarchy.

The norm ghost: It's trying to get you!


1. It comes and breathes on you...

- Oh, I only want to be with you and no-one else!

2. ...when you think you've broken yourself out...

- Noooooooo! Uuuugh!

- What, of course there's nothing wrong with gays, I'm just saying that I could never be with a guy!

- Have you tried?

3. ...when you think you make your own decisions about what you do.

- I'll be 25 soon, and I thought it was time! And Micke and I got engaged yesterday! It's just as well to do it.

4. The norm ghost says:

- Take control over your life! Otherwise I'll come and eat you up!

The end of the nuclear family: A Utopia


1. - What?! You've only got ONE mum and dad? Are they together and everything?

2. - Are you pregnant? That's great! How did you go about it?

3. And when the concept of sex became superfluous...

- Has the baby come?! Is it healthy?

4. - What does your mum do?

- She's a drag queen. Yours?

- One of my mums is an art director and the other one is a lumberjack!

But where did the nuclear family go?

1. - Yes, here! To heteroville!

2. - They live like a lot of people did in the 50s! The sect is reminiscent of the Amish movement that used to exist. Many say that it's Amish society moved 60 years forward in time.

- mum!

3. - WE say: congratulations, Heteroville! For your openmindedness and willingness to try new things!

Previously translated strips:

- Snapshots of a patriarchy: The myth of the stone age, by Liv Strömqvist
- Creativity - a comic about making things by Liv Strömqvist

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From: [personal profile] eggcrack
These are both thought-provoking and entertaining. World would definitely use more comics like this!


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