Sep. 16th, 2010

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OMG! I have just been talking to party representatives, because it was my homework from school this week. It's all terribly exciting, you know.

I can now inform you that Folkpartiet's chosen representative does not believe discrimination exists, the lady from Moderaterna thought that I was making up the laws about trans people to fuck with her because they sounded so weird, and that Kristdemokraterna's motto is totally "We Don't Discriminate But [offensive statement]" and also "we have gay people in our party too!" - I suddenly understand the appeal of bingo cards that much better, and believe KD are nearing full house. (They also denied that they had ever voted against LGBT rights. It's always FOR someone else's rights. Usually for the right of straight rich white men to be bastards to everyone else. Or for the rights of THE CHILDREN. Cute, anyway.)

Centerpartiet's dude was vague and confused on any question that wasn't to do with the environment and I was interrupted in my talk with him by a woman who came by to tell him that he was evil because a farmer refused to give her milk when she was a child. I do not even know. Vänsterpartiet were absent with an apologetic little note on their door about understaffing and a phone number, Miljöpartiet were present and probably the most competent, volunteering a lot of information for each question (am admittedly biased), and Socialdemokraterna at least had an answer on hand for every question I asked (Miljöpartiet are the only other one who gave an answer which really was an answer in every case) - particularly, their lady had a lot to say about the education and work placement systems for immigrants.

Everyone agrees that the schools in this kommun are crap.

I spoke with Kristdemokraterna last out of a certainty that my conversation with them would end in speachless rage, which naturally it did. (A child needs one mother and one father! Because men and women are SO inherently different that a child without both will be warped forever, I guess. OK, they only said the part about being so different, not the part about warping forever, but you know. It was really quite heavily implied.)

Other highlights: Moderaterna's answer to my question as to what the most important environmental issues in the kommun are? "Traffic should go outside town. We're building a road."


O really.

& Kristdemokraterna's answer? "I'm afraid I can't talk about kommunal issues. But we're very good on the environment. A poll said so. We're as good as miljöpartiet!" ...I see. Uh... I am... feeling so convinced.

I must have earnt chocolate by now, right?


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