Jan. 3rd, 2011

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Good grief, it's another year. I'm pretty confident that it'll be better than last year, which was hysterical but also better than the year before. I don't have new years' resolutions this time around so much as a battle-plan for life that already existed but needed heavy revision over the last few weeks due to the courses I'd been planning to take suddenly vanishing from the radar.

In 2010 I read 41 Swedish-language books, 16 English-language books, and quite a lot of manga. My wildest literary enthusiasm was for Tove Jansson. I watched the first half of a lot of films, which is a terrible habit and I should be ashamed of myself. I was obsessed with the band Kent but otherwise suffered rather a crisis when it came to picking out music. My consumption of TV series was, as usual, laughably small.

I moved to Sweden. I gained a half-sister, who I've never met. My favourite cousin got married. I learnt Swedish to a decent level. I thought a lot about language and identity, but didn't write.

Family members were sick but for once no-one died.

My mental health actually took an upswing.

We got a cat.

Today's tasks:

1. Sort out how I'm meant to get my degree recognised by Swedish universities (so far I've been bounced around three different places on this quest)

2. Go for a walk! But carrots! And celeriac! and quorn! And cheap notebooks! Try not to have a breakdown about money. It's January. No-one has any.

3. Get talking to people who can help me hunt down the right places to go for work (translation, editing, writing articles is about how my shortlist goes, so I foresee a lot of speculative letters in my future. If an assistant job comes up for a library or archive I'll apply for that too, because you never know; if a summer job as e.g. a guide for historical stuff comes up I'll apply for that. If a shop I have particular enthusiasm for, like SF bokhandeln or Hallongrottan, needs people, then yes. I've been doing more general applications and had some nice feedback but it's been making me wildly unhappy, and that's not really the aim of this exercise, so I'm re-targeting and only feeling a bit guilty about not applying for every single job I am even near the requirements for. OK, quite guilty. Fuck you, years of being stuck at the jobcentre.)

4. Cook a medium-size mountain of beans.


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