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1. A book has been released in Sweden! It is called "six feminist myths" ("Sex feministiska myter"). These myths are, apparently:

1. gender is socially constructed
2. women get paid less for the same job
3. it's harder for women to have a career
4. men hit women
5. women work more
6. women get worse healthcare

The first couple of reviews I found went in the direction of "he used sources! so HE MUST BE RIGHT!"

So I guess we're done here...

No. Wait.

(I think it's by one of those "we are all wonderful but function in COMPLETELY different ways which can never be brought together and we should accept that, now get back to the kitchen. I call this equality." people, from a very cursory google.)

2. I, on the other hand, am reading En Riktig Kvinna : Om Biologism Och Könsskillnad ("A Real Woman: Biologism and sexual differentiation" or something) by Sara Arrhenius, which is pretty much the antidote. More on this when I'm further through.

3. So I hadn't really heard about the fallout from that clusterfuck of policing that was the IAAF & Caster Semenya's right to compete as a woman, because sometimes I am just kind of out of touch, but then I caught something about it on the radio a while back and it made me furious. So furious! Then it came up again in conversation with Valborg yesterday. The whole thing is just. Waaaaagh. Here you go, if I am not the last person to have heard this one.
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