Jan. 7th, 2011

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(In 2011 I will try to remember to post & to comment on other people's entries. Har har.)

1. This week I've been basically living inside Boel Westin's biography of Tove Jansson, which is both excellently engaging and feels as though it's got a pretty good balance between openness and respect for all involved, some of whom are still living/were still living at time of publication. I've read about 300 of 500 pages and I'm pretty sure that when I'm done with it I'll be able to recommend it in strong terms to interested parties who can read Swedish or Finnish.

I also don't really want to be done with it, because it's such a wonderful place to live.

2. We went to Stockholm yesterday to have coffee* with family at Vete-katten, which is a well-known and rather eccentric cafe which is also really good at dietary requirements (I haven't had such a good sandwich since... I don't actually know when), and then we saw the latest Harry Potter film. Had zero expectations, which were exceeded. I'm not very good friends with the harry potter films generally, but I thought it was definitely better than the previous few, anyway. OK, I know. That was a resounding endorsement.

But I think the important thing here was that we were social and enjoyed it.

* yes, I wanted to type 'fika'. damn it.


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