May. 11th, 2011

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1. I can cycle. It feels a lot like sitting. This means I can't do it for very long and I have to do it very carefully, but a short burst of cycling can still get me further from home than a short burst of walking, so maybe I can stare at a different patch of grass tomorrow or something? It would, of course, help if my bike had any kind of suspension or a decent saddle.

2. In contact with the university - they've already offered me a later exam date and they'll look into what else they can do.

3. Random obsessions. I'm sitting around playing with my camera a lot at the moment and I suddenly really want a better one. Mine is a pretty good point-and-click digital with a few decent adjustment options. I also don't have any money. I think this is a sign that I am a. being kind of silly and b. becoming my father. Damn it.

4. John Ajvide Lindqvist is releasing a new zombie book set on an island quite a way off the coast by Norrtälje. A more conventional zombie book, this time, because apparently identifying with the monster was getting so tough that he needed a break. Babel has interviewed him on this island, where he stands on the rocks wearing a t-shirt saying "guns don't kill zombies, people kill zombies with guns." I don't even know. It's just something about the combination...

5. The cat has dedicated today to knocking things off shelves again. In his defence I think he's doing it because he's trying to chase the latest ant invaders (damn, I really had hoped that we could move before ant season) rather than out of pure bloody-mindedness - this time.

6. I'm restless. Reading good essays and theory doesn't help. I need to write something incredible. Or smash some horrible, harmful idea. I am, of course, not really geared up to do either of those things.

But I really need to get out there, one way or another.


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