Jun. 1st, 2011

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1. Tattoos. Check out the 'abstract' section, I am in so much awe. I've been thinking again lately about what I might want from a tattoo, and that's certainly a step in the right direction for my thought process. There's also one under 'modern' which uses negative space, and while the design isn't something I would personally want that negative-space idea is interesting. (I am as yet uninked because I take the design decisions involved Very Very Seriously.)

2. We have watched 11 episodes of Sailor Moon and been impressed by how little has happened. You guys, not only is it monster of the week, it is the same monster every week. They almost talked about the plot a couple of times but then they decided not to. So uh, maybe we're taking [personal profile] crystal's advice after all and skipping forward some before we snap. (It's a conflict, you know - we're kind of obsessive in a completist kind of way, and so don't want to miss things, but on the other hand.............. uhhh...............)

3. I seem to have spent last night in a series of different and largely unconnected dreams about gender identity. I think I identified differently in all of them, basically, and it was always an issue in some way.

Dear brain, please lay off. I spend enough time worrying about how to present myself on any given day when I'm awake.
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Thanks for the comments on the health post. I don't really have the energy to answer individually. It's not like it would take a long time or anything but... urgh, this whole thing. I feel kind of burnt out by it now. I would like it to be done with. Other stress is hanging around too, mostly focused on my family and a general sense of responsibility for making everyone happy all the time (I know, I know - needs to be taken out back and shot).

That said, I'm actually feeling good right now - resident on Valborg's parents' sofa and basically chilling, occasionally stalking around taking photos, being fed as much tea as I could possibly need.


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