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Att springa by Maria Sveland is an incredibly depressing novel about rape, abuse and systems of power. It's a novel written with a really pretty journalistic motive, and I wouldn't say it's beautifully written, but it's really powerful social commentary. It's sometimes pretty fun along the way but in the end it's very, very bleak.

Ett nytt land utanför mitt fönster by Theodor Kallifatides is a book about being an immigrant, about language, and about how we perceive the world (and how it perceives us). It is beautifully written, with a lot of clarity and very elegant simplicity, and it says a lot of things that I've thought or felt (in fact basically all of the things I said about language on this journal recently, it turns out) but says them much more clearly. Also it's really nice to read a book by a not-so-young dude and think, when he describes relationships and how they work, "yeah, that sounds about right."

Now I zoom off to pack my bag. Giving a short talk about Swedish lit at school today as one of those "getting people to stand up and use their linguistic skillz in front of the class" things, then going to go and chill out at Val's parent's house, which is about the best place in the world for just curling up and reading for eight hours straight.
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1. I've finished Tiger by Mian Lodalen, and I think that if it'd been around when I was fifteen it would've been perfect, basically. It deals a lot with teenage girls' sexuality, terrible things happening to people who are marginalised, and various things to do with the culture surrounding sexuality, both gay and straight, and double standards, sexual abuse, homophobia and fear of homophobia. The main character deals with already being considered an outsider and then realising she's gay, and it's a big tangled mess. It's not going onto the list as Best Book I Have Evah Read, and I am rather past the stuff it dealt with, but it was interesting, the story was pretty well-told, and I can definitely think of people I'd rec it to.

Now I'm back on Birgitta Stenberg, who is also dealing with young female sexuality, namely, hers.

2. Mian Lodalen is giving a talk in our town next month along with Maria Sveland! This is a terrible small town where nothing ever happens, so you bet I'm excited. I'm also going to have to pick up one of Maria Sveland's books before then; I've seen her talk about them a couple of times on TV but have yet to actually read one. (This one sounds pretty great.)

3. Further name: Katarina Wennstam. Non-fiction and fiction, a lot of stuff about rape culture. Certain to be depressing but probably also worth it. Saw her in a discussion along with Maria Sveland the other day (Kunskapskanalen was running various stuff from the book fair) and they both said some really great things.

4. I need some stuff to read in English, though, occasionally, before I forget how. I don't have much around that I can read without having to concentrate completely, barring a few bits of manga.


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