Jul. 23rd, 2010

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Yesterday, [personal profile] valborg and I went to see Kent live at Långholmsparken in Stockholm. We probably shouldn't have, in honesty - both of us were amazingly sick in our own particular ways - but if we're talking about dedication to Kent versus a sensible attitude to our own health, there is possibly not much competition. We lay around in bed whining all day and then scraped together enough energy to get there, vaguely wondering if it'd be worth it, then the music started and, well, I think that would be a yes? Yes. Today we're back to lying in bed being pathetic, but we had a seriously good time at the show.

But how do I describe it? I have no idea. Completely a happy place, though. Heavy guitars and amazing lightshow and Jocke's crazy twisty dancing. Singing along and handwaving without feeling a bit selfconscious. Getting completely lost in the music. The crowd was really mixed - I guess from kids in their early teens through to people in their 50s or 60s, and all kinds of styles, and people were really, really into it. The crowd and the band both.

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...but yeah, the hospital can't decide if I have an infection or kidney stones. So life is really fun and full of tests and pills and other less dignified things again! Yesterday I wanted to cry & this morning I was hysterical and this afternoon the whole thing seems kind of funny, if still more painful than I'm completely on board with. I'm terrible about medical things, so despite persistent pain and other delightful details I will swiftly gloss over I am spending a lot of time halfway convinced that I must be fine really and somehow imagining it/making it up and therefore wasting everyone's time. Yes. It is special, being me.


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