May. 11th, 2010

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Apparently I'm boring today. If I tried to post properly it would start out trying to be about Rose of Versailles or Irene Adler or in fact crossdressing as portrayed in Stuff What I Like generally, or how Murakami kind of only has one story and I somehow fail to mind, or whatever, and would devolve within sentences into a detailed explanation of where I buy my tea from in Stockholm and why and how terrible the tea you can buy in Swedish supermarkets is, with a possible aside on the concept of fika. I know this would happen because I tried, several times. (I did go all the way to Stockholm with the primary purpose of buying tea today, but somehow suspect that a blow-by-blow account is not actually needed.)

Alternative entertainment until such a time as I'm less dull:

[personal profile] oursin posts about queer womanhood in the late C19th at [community profile] queering_holmes.

I'm still staring at [community profile] queering_holmes with undisguised admiration, but I don't feel intelligent enough for participation today. I am, however, making notes.


[personal profile] valborg posts about a book called The Tradition of Female Transvestism in Early Modern Europe.

I mention this partly as a flawless segue into the fact that the person known on this journal as Val is more generally known to Dreamwidth as [personal profile] valborg. Just so you know. Also because, you know, crossdressing.


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