May. 25th, 2011


May. 25th, 2011 10:28 am
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I am so tired after yesterday, you would not believe. And I wasn't even the one with the longest day; Valborg got to herd J out of the house and onto the bus for that school trip at some unholy hour of the morning and was also the one who had to push the wheelchair around stockholm university's campus. (Accessibility score? errr. well, they tried. But not very hard. Also I get that students push the magic door-opening buttons all the time just for kicks and then they break but I think that having to hold them for 20 seconds to get the door to open MIGHT be overkill anyway.)

Valborg is working today, of course; she is clearly heroic.

I get to lie in bed and make a nest using every single pillow in the flat. And eat polenta porridge with soymilk and PILES of fruit.

Completely random observations:

1. University bathrooms! they are full of graffiti and stickers about like every possible anti-oppression thing ever. It's kind of adorable. Animal rights, anti-racism and feminism were particularly well represented. And some people had had a little graffiti conversation recommending music to each other.

2. The cat is completely wonky in the head. It chewed through a plastic bag in order to eat a carrot and walnut muffin. There wasn't even any kind of excitingly dairy-based frosting in evidence or anything. It was just a muffin. And it was my muffin, too. I hate you cat. It's possible this is just some kind of revenge for yesterday's indignities, but on the other hand, he did actually eat most of it...


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